Get Lost, Argentina! Falklands Freedom Forever!

So the Argies are up to no good again!

Let off lightly after the whipping they got, in 1982, it was a mistake not to force them to sign a surrender treaty recanting their ridiculous claim to rule islanders who have not a thing in common with Argentina. The Falklanders are entirely British.

But at least the UK had a Prime Minister then who cared about her country-men and -women, wherever they were, and made sure that Old Etonian creep Francis Pym didn’t stab the war effort in the back.

I could go through the historical background but instead offer a link to a fairly leftwing article which nevertheless establishes how utterly baseless is Buenos Aires propaganda.

But I suspect the greatest threat to the Falklanders’ fundamental right to self-determination lies not in any South American lair but in the nest of vipers and den of traitors – as Enoch Powell so accurately described the Foreign Office – where the pin-striped public school mandarins still cherish their sell-out schemes.

And with a plummy-voiced Old Etonian in Number Ten, we’d best be careful.

Oh, yes, Cameron says he’ll ‘never’ rat on their rights, but then he also gave a ‘cast-iron’ pledge on Britons’ rights to decide THEIR own destiny.

He sold out the Mother Country – darn sure he’ll cut a deal on a small and distant outpost of Britannia’s progeny.