Top Cop Pradopo, Friend of Fanatics, Under Pressure from All Sides

Media Indonesia last week reported fresh demands for National Police Chief Timur Pradopo to be fired. The latest comes from Poengky Indarti, Executive Director of Imparsial, an NGO here in Jakarta.

                      Pradopo Enjoying Nazi Hospitality

Imparsial noted several acts of violence committed by the police. Events in Bima, Papua and the omission of the police in the attack on the Ahmadiyya in Cikeusik and the agrarian conflict in Mesuji.

Certainly men and women of goodwill, like Poengky, have been shocked by the violence at Sape in Bima, and by what’s going on in Papua.

But what is even more interesting is how even the Prosperous Justice Party (PKS), who are the local version of the Muslim Brotherhood, has lost faith in the top cop. recently quoted Aboebakar al Habsyi, Chairman of the House PKS faction as saying ‘the President should be looking for a new police chief.”

So what manner of man is Pradopo?

Every picture tells a story, and the one above reminds us he had no hesitation in accepting afternoon snacks from the IslamoNazi FPI,  ‘Defenders of Islam,’ not long after he took office.

And here are a couple more interesting pictures. 

Pradopo with Abu Jibril

Just after the J W Marriot suicide bombings. police arrested Muhamad Jibril Abdurahman. AFP recorded at the time that ‘Muhamad Jibril, …was believed to be the son of Abu Jibril, an Indonesian Islamist cleric who was arrested in Malaysia in 2001 on suspicion of being a senior member of the Jemaah Islamiyah regional terror network. Abu Jibril was later deported to Indonesia where he served about five months in jail for using a forged passport.   The father and son now work for an Islamist website,, which supports radical Islamic groups and praised the July 17 bombings as a blow to the “enemies of Allah”.Police raided the website’s office late Tuesday in the Bintaro area on the outskirts of Jakarta…

Subsequently, Jibril Jnr. (self-styled Prince of Jihad) got a mere five years for concealing information about the bomb attacks on the JW Marriott and Ritz-Carlton hotels in Jakarta in July 2009, which killed seven people. see  14/10/11   Jakarta Globe.  He ought to have been hanged, of course, but the courts here are often gutless when dealing with sectarian filth. 

Not the sort of vermin I’d want to exchange beaming handshakes with, neither father nor son.

And yesterday we showed you another firm grip being exchanged, Pradopo this time genial in the company of the rat-like gauleiter of the Bekasi FPI, who was recently, and sadly briefly, a jail-bird, after the disgusting and cowardly attacks by his IslamoNazi fans on two Protestant church leaders, one a woman pastor.

The FPI rodent is Murhali Barda and, as we mentioned yesterday, he also attracted attention with a Facebook entry (22/8/10) about a distinguished Catholic scholar here, Frans Magnus Suseno, viz.

Suseno laknatullah alaihi  salah satu kenil penjajah yang masih bercokol di Indonesia mungkin kali bekasi akan jadi ajang pembuangan mayat penjajah lagi seperti jaman nipong dulu. Bangkainya pada nganyut di kali bekasi ditimpuki pula oleh anak-anak indonesia,

which basically is an aspiration to see the man murdered. Try a Melayu translation for clearest meaning.

Barda was, and is, a key leader in the campaign against religious liberty in his fiefdom,

Now having known a lot of London cops when I lived there, I’m quite well aware of the need for them to mingle with undesirables to get their jobs done, but I can’t quite picture senior officers in full uniform gleefully embracing the lowest low-lifes in the capital.

Perhaps if Pradopo had shown more circumspection about the company he keeps, he’d not have so many voices raised against him.