East Java – Sunni Savages Run Amok Again

Jakarta Globe reports another mob ( or perhaps the same mob!) ran amok in Sampang, East Java last Friday.
A shop belonging to a Shiah Muslim family was looted, and the victims despair of the local cops doing their duty.

‘UIul Albab, 39, said the mob on Friday evening ransacked his home and an adjoining shop he owned in Karangpenang. He added that he suspected the looters were members of the same group of Sunnis who had attacked and set fire to a nearby Shia Muslim boarding school on Thursday. He said that the looters took motorcycles, clothes and everything of value in the house.

After the simpering of the MUI suggested it would be better for the minority to move out of the area, that’s exactly what is happening, according to the JG report. You’d think these damnable ‘scholars,’ who make out they are the custodians of both Islamic learning  and Islamic virtue, would go down there en masse and TEACH the primitives some basic decency.

What of Peace?

But no, just ‘re-locate’ the Shiah. Much as the Dark Age bigots in Lombok’s local government seriously proposed exiling the persecuted Ahmadis to a desert island, rather than get the cops in that benighted den to enforce the law and escort the innocents back to the small-holdings from which they were driven by an Islamist rabble -while a HUNDRED cops looked on in cowardly manner, unwilling to defend helpless citizens from sectarian attack.

Ulul and 351 others are now sheltering in the Sampang Sports Stadium, while awaiting ‘reassurances from the district police that their property and goods would be kept safe. “The fact is, the property of our friends is still being looted by the mob. Where is the promise that was made to us? Is it because we are a minority that we are treated like this?” asked a tearful Iklil Almilal, also a Shiite, at the shelter….“What is clear is that if there is no certainty provided by the district authority or the Sampang police, it is better for us not to return home,” Iklil said.
One of the NGOs that actually cares about religious liberty in Indonesia, the Commission for the Disappeared and Victims of Violence (Kontras) is taking an interest, since the police don’t seem to be.

“We are still receiving reports from the people who have fled that a number of houses belonging to the Shiites in Nangkernang are being looted by unidentified people,” said Andy Irfan, coordinator of the local branch of Kontras.

He said that Shia families in the area continued to face threats and that the continued looting has convinced them the police are not serious about restoring order.