La Crime de la Crime – 10 PER CENT Due to Roma – Allons, Enfants de la Patrie, Kick ‘Em OUT!

Watch the video!

Typically, Britain’s Pravda slants its reporting, BBC bleeding-hearts focusing on the poor little pick-pocketing brats of the anti-social aliens, but they can’t hide the truth, as the French Government Minister reveals what most French folk knew already – these intruders are responsible for a MASSIVELY disproportionate amount of criminality.

This is hardly new news. Last August France 24 had an article which included

France’s Interior Minister Brice Hortefeux said on Monday that over the past 18 months crime committed by Roma people has increased by 259 percent in Paris alone….”Today, in Paris, the reality is that almost one in five perpetrators of a theft is a Romanian,” Hortefeux said on Wednesday at the joint press conference with immigration minister Eric Besson.

Mind you, the Beeb may have a point, about Sarkozy suddenly sharing his countrymen’s concern because he’s facing re-election problems. He’s scared of Marine Le Pen!

It’s up to the voters, of course, but surely they’ll have the perspicacity to vote for candidates with a consistent record on undesirable immigration. Joan of Arc, whose  day was celebrated by patriots just a week or so ago, is not available, but still France can win this battle.

And how dare the Roma whine about their living conditions. NOBODY invited them to France, NOBODY wants them there, except pinko oiks.

If they don’t feel AT HOME among the people they steal from,  just GO HOME!

And the same goes for the primitives in the Paris banlieues!