Tangerang Taliban? Indonesian Police Force Eyes Thighs, Shariah-Style

Earlier this week we reported on Aceh, where there’s a special shariah by-law on Islamic dress-codes. But Aceh is far away to the North.

Alas, the mindless oppression of shariah appears to be oozing ever deeper into Indonesian society, after police in a city right next door to the capital, Jakarta, were caught harassing teens in shorts.
A pathetic attempt to cover up the shabby behaviour of Tangerang cops quickly collapsed as a senior officer owned up, but sadly their confession was not accompanied by an apology but with arrogant nonsense about ‘pornography!

Indonesian Police Officers reprimanding young football fans for wearing shorts — deemed inappropriate clothing — ahead of a football match in Tangerang on the outskirts of Jakarta on Tuesday. (Antara Photo) Here’s the photograph.
Judge for yourselves if any rational person would share the sentiments of Comr. Haru Manurun, who at first brushed off the idiotic antics captured in the snap as showing ‘female officers searching — and photographing — two teenage girls for weapons prior to a football match…”

But the cop broke down under interrogation and ‘admitted Tangerang Police had told inappropriately dressed girls and women to not wear shorts to “AVOID PORNOGRAPHY!”
What absolute garbage! What the heck’s ‘pornographic’ about a wee lassie wearing shorts? Did these Tangerang Taliban also lecture boys in shorts along the same inane lines?

 Indonesia’s National Team, wearing shorts – Cops’ Next Target?

Did they run onto the soccer pitch and order the players to exchange their shorts for dungarees? I’ll bet not.
The problem with Tangerang *which has a very unsavoury reputation for shariah-freakery) is not legs on display, but rather nauseating shariah sexism on display, in the 21st century.
Just listen to Haru – his words would gladden the heart of the FPI, FUI, and every other bigot nutter in Indonesia.
“We asked the policewomen to suggest and encourage [the girls] not to wear shorts because we wanted to avoid unwanted things,” Haru said. “When we saw women in shorts, we scolded them because, perhaps, it is unfavorable in the eyes of the public and does not conform to public [standards of decency].”
He said it was strongly suggested that the females did not wear similar clothing to the next football match.
Asked about the apparent age of the girls, Haru said it was of no consequence.
“Age doesn’t matter, but appropriate clothes do matter.

I once naively assumed law enforcement officers might be tasked to enforce laws and keep an eye out for crims, but in Tangerang, which by the way is only a mile or two from where I live, they evidently prefer to monitor adolescent girls’ thighs.

But then we all know that if there’s one thing Islamists hate more than female knees, it’s THIGHS!

God Save Indonesia!

Plenty more Isamist nonsense in the news this past day or so – stay tuned!

Quotes from Jakarta Globe 12/1