Hungary Under Attack – EUSSR Pushes Perv Power, US Frets for Red Graft ‘Suspect’

Further to the RRA report on the friends of perversion ganging up on Hungary (Amnesty, Hillary and the EUSSR) we have more on this anti-Magyar vendetta, from a Hungarian newspaper,

12th January    A source in Brussels says that the EU is imposing at least two requirements for successful negotiations in order to:

– Remove  the passage, which states that marriage is between a man and a woman  (exact wording: “Hungary protects the institution of marriage as between men and women, a voluntary decision to be created by life in community and family as the basis for national survival. “);

– Phasing out the proceedings against Ferenc Gyurcsany (former Prime Minister of the Central Investigation Chief Prosecutor’s Office of the suspected abuse of office  criminal case. On Monday, former Socialist Finance Minister Janos Veres was interrogated as a witness ).
Brussels continues to investigate a number of Hungarian laws, to see that they are compatible with EU law.

It’s only fair to record that the EUSSR denies it’s blackmailing Hungary – well, they would, wouldn’t they? Their track record, however, is one of mendacity.  Remember these extracts from EUObserver?

Ministers and their spokespeople across the eurozone had first denied or refused to comment on a report which appeared in Spiegel Online revealing that a secret meeting of senior EU officials was being held in a Luxembourg castle to consider a Greek exit from the euro.

The same officials later confirmed that the meeting took place, but that Greece returning to the drachma was never on the table. Juncker it appeared had invited finance ministers from France, Germany, Spain, and Italy, ostensibly under the aegis of the EU members of the G20 (although the UK, a G20 member, was absent), along with Greece, the European Central Bank and Olli Rehn, the EU economy commissioner.

Juncker’s spokesman, Guy Schuller, was quoted by Reuters as saying: “I totally deny that there is a meeting, these reports are totally wrong.” The development comes after the Luxembourgish prime minister admitted the week before during a Brussels conference on economic governance that over the course of his career, despite his Catholic upbringing, he often “had to lie” in order not to feed rumours and that economic policy was too important to be discussed in public. “I am for secret, dark debates,” he quipped, according to an EUobserver report.

German press agency DAPD has quoted him as saying: “When the going gets tough, you have to lie.” On Monday, Austrian daily Der Standard attacked the Luxembourg prime minister as a “master of lies”,


Ferenc Gyurcsany, by the way, is one of those (ex?) Communist leaders suddenly who hated capitalism but suddenly became wealthy! But he has friends in high, if distant, places. After all, various leading Eurocrats are also ‘former’ marxists. And from the Wall Street Journal 12/1 we find that Hillary’s hostility to Hungarian attempts to clean up their country are being assisted by her embassy in Budapest.

A Hungarian government official accused the U.S. embassy in Budapest of openly interfering with the country’s domestic politics by making inquiries about investigations against members of Hungary’s former government.

Hungarian prosecutors Thursday said the embassy had requested in-depth information about ongoing criminal proceedings against members of the previous Socialist administration. The current government of the Fidesz party blames the Socialists for running up public debt and other improprieties during their eight years in power.


The list of those under prosecutors’ scrutiny most notably includes former prime minister, Ferenc Gyurcsany, who is charged with fraud during the sale of land for a casino investment.

Government commissioner for accountability, Gyula Budai–whose task is to investigate into possible wrongdoings of the previous cabinet—expressed strong disapproval of the U.S. diplomacy, saying it had pried into the operation of Hungarian law enforcement.

“I think that neither me nor anyone else has ever made any queries about what sort of criminal procedures the United States has against its politicians,” Mr. Budai said in a television interview Thursday. “This crosses every line there is,” he added in another statement.