Indonesian MP Rescued by Cops from Islamist Thugs – Last Chance for SBY to Redeem Nation’s Reputation? reports today that the persecuted Christians of Yasmin church were again evacuated this morning, along with an Indonesian Member of Parliament, as Islamist savages ran amok, bent on denying the Protestants their right to worship in their own church. Police barricades had not yet been set up, so a three-way melee broke out, cops, Cbristians and the sectarian thugs whom the police were trying to hold back.  

Moderate PDI-P Member of Parliament Eva Sundari, who had driven out to the scene, was spotted and chased by the IslamoNazi element, who deem her too supportive of religious liberty. Police finally had to evacuate her to her car for her own safety, as one local bigot orator howled at the police not to protect the Christians.

Eva is a brave woman, who has regularly spoken up for religous rights. It is outrageous that she was threatened with violence by these swine. But every week this intimidation will continue until the police choose to enforce the law and ensure these Christians can worship in their own church. 

 On Friday, the Jakarta Post reported the rising concern among Christians that the vicious hatred directed at them by West Java bigots would escalate into serious violence.


Church spokesman Bona Singalingging said “They used to deliver hate-filled words against us. Now they are brave enough to threaten our property…even a small thing can inflame the tension,” Bona also said the detractors frequently threatened to beat up the parishioners but were prevented from doing so by police officers.“Police officers can prevent such actions now, but how long can they keep it that way?”

Last week the ignoramuses threatened to set fire to a car belonging to a member of the congregation – the reason? The GARIS dimwits were enraged because they’d spotted a ‘provocative’ sticker in the car quoting the late President Gus Dur ‘ We Need a Friendly Islam, Not an Angry Islam!’ Such is the Neanderthal mentality of hate-groups like GARIS and FORKAMI that an unobjectionable statement of the obvious incensed them!

“Increasing intimidation against the church’s members is no exaggeration,” said Subhi Azhari, the Wahid Institute’s Pluralism Monitoring and Advocacy program officer.

 Choirul Anam

Muhammad Choirul Anam from the Human Rights Working Group said that the police should have not allowed the detractors to approach the church. “The police have seen that the detractors can violate the church members as well as their property,” he said.

And the reluctance of the police to round up the louts is inexcusable. They have a sound legal basis for action against the rabble. Jakarta Legal Aid Foundation director Nurkholis Hidayat said the officers could have detained the detractors for inciting hatred. “It is allowed under the prevailing law.”

 President SBY

Bona reiterated his hopes that the current President, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, would not only stick by his own declaration that the congregation should be free to worship unmolested in their building, ‘ they have a right to their church’  (as the Supreme Court has already ruled is their constitutional right) but that the full weight of presidential authority should be brought to bear…JP13/1

Surely after today, SBY will no longer hesitate but ACT against Bogor’s malignant Mayor Diani, who has caused all the trouble, and also order his security forces to put the boot into the fanatics who evidently feel free to suppress freedom in Bogor. 


A later rport from adds that another MP, Lily Wahid, also attened and was harassed by the scumbags. But she escaped the abuse Eva got. “My blouse was grabbed at, I was pushed and pulled, and verbally assailed by the anarchists,’ said Eva, ” but Lily was unharmed.”

The persecuted Christians retreated to a member’s home for worship, even though the Islamist mob threatened to advance on the house too.

As for the police, their indifference to the Supreme Court ruling in the church’s favour was never better exemplified than by the statement of West Bogor Police Chief Hida Tjahjono, who confirmed the MPs’ presence but he didn’t know if they were there in their personal or party capacity. He added that ‘there was no grabbing at clothes but reporters would have to ask the Satpol PP (civic militia)’ who had driven the Protestants away from their own church. His men were only there to provide security.

 Hida the Indifferent!

Security for whom? Not the law-abiding Christians, clearly. For Hida says that ‘ the situation was safely under control, residents orated smoothly. They do not want any place of worship there. There were no incidents of persecution…”

What a despicably ignorant comment. NO PERSECUTION?  Christians prevented by a sectarian rabble from entering their church in accordance with the law, and driven off by uniformed goons at the behest of an evil bigot mayor? That’s not persecution. Hida is clueless.

No wonder West Java Police were so supine in the face of the Cikeusik murders last February.