Circumcision, Not Valentines, for Girls, say Self-Styled ‘Scholars!’ And More…

Just noticed a predictable outburst on Jan. 3rd.,, from the self-styled ‘scholars’ of the MUI, outlawing Valentines.
There’s very little these often-goat-bearded fellows don’t stick their noses into, and much of it is laughable, but nevertheless, the kill-joy instincts are always to the fore.
None of us, in the days when we sent Valentines, ever considered those humorous or sentimental greetings to be in any way religious, but trust insecurity-riddled Islamists to detect the frightful risk of ‘Christianisation’ among the cupids, hearts and kisses on those cards.

Still, better to make a few teen hearts down-cast than to unleash a hellish jihad, which it’s fair to say was the result of that other fatwa, against the Ahmadiyah.
That miserable diktat has since been used to justify robbing innocent citizens of their constitutional right to worship freely, and even more deplorably, of their very right to life, as in the Cikeusik Pogrom of 6th February last year.

But over to Bandung!
The last time we reported on the West Java branch of the Indonesian Scholars’ Council, their king-pin, Rafani, was fulminating about the menace emanating from the planned visit of the delectable Miss Universe. Very discourteously, she was spurned by those who’d asked her to Bandung, another sign of how sycophantic officialdom can be to self-righteous prigs.
Heck, would you turn this away from your door?

But up they’ve popped once more, in Pikiran Rakyat

That was the work of the gent pictured below.’

  General Secretary. MUI West Java, KH. Rafani Akhyar.

But this time a new knight of chivalry rides forth.  

Pikiran Rakyat 16/1  mui -16/01/2012 .- Indonesia Ulema Council (MUI) West Java urged the government to rescind the ban on female circumcision. The ban is not in accordance with the teachings of Islam, which wishes women to be circumcised.

 Hafiz Usman, MUI

 “There is a misperception in the UN on female circumcision, so it has urged countries around the world, including Indonesia, to ban it,” said Chairman of the MUI in West Java, KH. Hafiz Usman.

Oh, well, at least for once they’re not being sexist. Men have to have the chop too! But I understand it is not quite the same.

Incidentally, I try to minimise the use of the term  ‘goat-beards,’ since people told me a lot of them weren’t.

And more on the MUI? This time in Jogjakarta.

In a follow-up to our post last week on the mob of primitives who rampaged against Ahmadiyah in Jogjakarta, it’s been reported in ANTARA News that MUI’s Jogja branch is now preparing a local witch-hunt ‘to closely monitor’ the Ahmadiyah minority’s presence in the city. Their aim is to ensure that the ‘event on Friday (13 / 1) is not repeated.’

Readers will recall that the ‘event’ was a harmless recitization of prayers, but that’s enough to get these bigots in a tizzy.
 “We will continue to oversee all activities of GAI ( Indonesian Ahmadiyah Movement)  and the Jemaah Ahmadiyah Indonesia (JAI),” said Chairman of the MUI DIY, Thoha Abdurahman, in Yogyakarta on Sunday.’ He added, in addition to tightening oversight of the Ahmadiyya movement in the region, it also will perform checks on the curriculum at the school.
 “We will check the educational material. If indeed it violates the agreement, then we’ll take decisive action immediately,” he said.
I’d have thought educational material would come in handy for his own members, so the best decisive action they could take would be to borrow some and photocopy it for distribution among MUI members.
For here’s the extent of their ignorance.

 Meanwhile, Vice Chairman of the GAI Muslich Asikin Zainal said the event was an annual study followed by the movement representatives from all over Indonesia.  “We are Lahore Ahmadis,who believe in Muhammad as the last prophet,” he said.
 Earlier, Secretary of the Forum for Religious Brotherhood (FPUB) Sidiq Pramono had said that the Lahore Ahmadiyya movement is a movement that does not believe in Mirza Ghulam Ahmad as a prophet.

And the issue for those who persecute Ahmadis is precisely that, MGA as a prophet or a teacher. These guys in Jogja are among the latter, so the MUI, if they really mean what they say about the ‘heretical’ beliefs of Ahmadiyah, have no beef with the victims of last week’s mob mayhem at all.

What a bunch!