Great Horror Movie – Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark!

Great horror movie last night, a rare success in making the audience gasp and jump, so inured to ghouls and hellish beings are we all these days.
Naturally, we fortified ourselves with a decent meal beforehand, me on my favourite tongseng, a rather spicy stew (remove those little red chillis before you guzzle, or you’ll have your own horror story to tell!)

The film is called ‘Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark!’ and we saw it at Blok M Plaza (the eatery is almost next to the cinema).
Checking today, I notice it’s on for at least another week, so fans of the macabre have ample opportunity to go and shiver.

The film opens with scenes from the Victorian era, a professorial sort of gent murdering his servant, not because of any short-comings on her part, but because he needs her teeth to ransom his missing child.
As he attempts to pay this ransom, he himself meets his doom, in a manner I won’t go into – best thrill to the gruesome details without forewarning.

Fast forward to the present day, an interior designer bloke and his girl-friend, in the same enormous mansion, way out in the Rhode Island countryside, having collected his young daughter from the airport. Sally deserves our sympathy, for her mother in California wanted rid of her, and sent her to her ex-husband, who’s not enthused about resuming a paternal role either. Tough on the little girl.

But Sally finds new friends, or sibilant voices proffering friendship at least. She also discovers a hitherto unknown basement, with what seems to be a locked up ash-pit that goes far down, down, down, into tenebral darkness, in which live…who? Or what?

The denizens of the dark turn out, as you may have guessed, not to be as friendly as they wish the girl to think, and as their designs on her become manifest, the horror does too. The girl-friend is really the heroine and pays a fearful price for her courage, but that’s all I’m about to tell you, save that the evil creatures are thoroughly unpleasant both in appearance and manner!

The stars play their parts well, with Guy Pearce as Dad, Katie Holmes as Kim, his girl-friend, and  Bailee Madison as little Sally.