Islamist ‘Scholars’ say ‘Bigot Mayor Knows Best!’ Ex-First Lady Speaks Out for Liberty

The fanatic leadership of that MUI, Indonesian Council of ‘Scholars,’ has openly aligned itself with the sectarians persecuting Yasmin Church.

Taking time off from demanding female circumcision and railing against Valentine cards, and following on from their foul fatwa against Ahmadiyah’s religious liberty, MUI, via their Chief Executive, came out with their astute assessment yesterday  – The Mayor of Bogor, who announced that Christian churches may not exist on streets with Islamic names, KNOWS BEST!

 Ma’ruf Amin

Ma’ruf Amin, MUI Chief Executive, told that ‘The Mayor revoked their permit. The Mayor knows best and we trust the Mayor.’ 

But thankfully for the reputation of decent Muslims here, the widow of pluralist President Gus Dur has come out strongly against the incumbent Head of State’s reluctance to stop fanatic hoodlums like GARIS and FORKAMI, who have been waging a campaign of intimidation against the Christian congregation in Bogor.

 Sinta Nuriyah 

“This government must be toppled,” said Sinta Nuriyah this week, at a meeting attended also by the two heroines of last Sunday’s bigot mayhem, Lily Wahid and Eva Sundari.
Likening SBY’s regime to a turtle which hides its head to avoid seeing danger, Sinta was speaking in Jakarta after the latest failure by government ministers to show up for a key meeting aimed at sorting out the problem.

 President SBY

Citing more pressing engagements, SBY’s Ministers pulled out with little warning.

Eva slammed this indifference, accusing the Coordinating Minister for Political, Law and Security (Menkopolhukam) Djoko Suyanto of lacking sensitivity to the escalation of violence faced by the congregation. “Menkopolhukam have no sense of crisis in the escalation of violence faced by GKI Yasmin in the field.,” she told in a text message on Thursday 19/01.
She also said Menkopolhukam should take over responsibility for Yasmin’s security, because law enforcement is a matter for central government.

Eva asked that House leaders invite government back. “We’ll give them another chance to prove their seriousness…More important is police enforcement in ensuring the constitutional rights of the church to is  practice their religion.

 It remains a mystery why any further meetings are needed, since both government and police are well aware of the Supreme Court ruling in the church’s favour.
Following on from Eva’s comments, all that is required is for the President to order National Police Chief Pradopo to have his officers enforce the decision of Indonesia’s highest court. Pradopo may well feel his pals in the FPI vigilante group will be upset, but orders are orders. 

 Top Cop Pradopo as Honoured Guest of FPI


And given the riot instigated by those self-same ‘Defenders of Islam’ last week, when their white-shirt storm-troops attacked the Ministry of Home Affairs, police action would win wide acclaim from across the community.
The FPI have yet to match their half-hearted ‘apology’ with any serious sign of respect for the law. No offer of compensation for the damage their thugs caused, nor any announcement of expulsion of those louts who ran amok.

 FPI Fuhrer Habib Rizieq

Until their Fuhrer Habib Rizieq thus shows good faith, nobody is going to believe the fanatic leadership of FPI is in any way in earnest about a switch to responsible behavior.