Muslim Leader Slams Persecution of Christians and Ahmadis

A welcome ray of sense from the NU – Nadhlatul Ulama – here, one of othe country’s largest Muslim outfits – which has called for a stop to the violence against Ahmadiyah. reported from Lombok that was this message was delivered via a sermon by their Chairman, KH Said Aqil Siraj – ‘violence in the name of religion is unacceptable.’

 Said Aqil

 Highly apporopriate that these sound sentiments be expressed in the shariah cess-pool of Lombok, where innocent Ahmadis were hounded from their own homes by a pack of Islamist savages while a hundred cowardly cops stood back and let it happen.

Those victims remain languishing in a miserable hostel, shamefully treated by the local regime, which will neither behave honourably and restore them to their property, nor provide compensation so they can make a fresh start!


 Ahmadi Refugee Children, Victims of Lombok’s Islamist  Savages

At one point,  some cretins on the local authority actually proposed to exile them to a desert island!


Tourists please note. Lombok is a nest of evil -don’t vacation there, please.


To his credit, the NU cleric did not try to duck the issue of their maltreatment in his speech, to some 10,000 followers.

Not only did he make the general point, that ‘violence must stop’ but specifically reminded his audience that’ a difference of belief should not be used as justification for acts of violence against fellow citizens. By way of example, he pin-pointed Lombok’s Ahmadis ‘evicted from their homes. This is clearly not justified. “They lived in their own houses and land, they are also citizens who have a rights. There should not be violence only because they’re of a different creed.”  And this guy is an alumnus of Umm Al-Qura University, Mecca!

He told his listeners to overcome the problems of different beliefs in ways more polite. “Invite them to the study-groups, explain how Islam is the truth. If parents cannot be persuaded, who knows but the next generation will be returned to the right path,” he explained.
Which is fair enough, and one hopes that he supports the right of Christians too to persuade non-believers.

NU also asked the central and local governments more zealously to guarantees citizens’ freedom of belief as mandated by the constitution. To younger NU members, particularly members of the Banser and GP Ansor (their youth movements) Kiai Said they were forbidden to take part in violence. Police must be able to guarantee the security of the Ahmadis, and Ansor, if so requested, shall provide security assistance,” he said.

What a contrast to the vindictive bigotry we find in the MUI, on which I shall post again, later tonight.