EUSSR Splurges YOUR Money for Perverts to Lobby EUSSR!

All those abnormal outfits that spend so much time hassling local and national governments for more privileges for perverts? Where do they get the money to lobby so relentlessly? From your pockets, if you live in one of those sorry nations ruled by the EUSSR.

We learn this thanks to diligent research by a lawyer named J.C. von Krempach who’s been investigating the sordid gang known as the ‘International Gay and Lesbian Association – Europe (ILGA)’ – he discovered that ‘most of their money comes from governments….a vast majority of ILGA’s funds come from just two governmental entities, the European Commission and the Dutch government.

A report on C-Fam reminds us that this sleazy ‘advocacy group’ were denied UN accreditation for years because of their connection to groups that promote pedophilia.’
That of course is hardly surprising, given queers’ known disproportionate proclivity for preying on kids, but even the UN turned them down? That shows just how rancid they must be.

But nil desperandum, aberrants, you can always count on the Good Ole EUSSR.
‘The NGO Committee of the UN Economic and Social Council consistently rejected ILGA until the Economic and Social Council, led by European countries, overruled their decision.’

But do these creepy characters conform to the rules for UN NGO accreditation? One of those rules is that “the major portion of the organization’s funds should be derived from contributions from national affiliates, individual members, or other non-governmental components.”

As C-Fam says, this means that they have to demonstrate that ‘actual people or non-profits, such as foundations, fund them.’ Quite appropriately, the United Nations assumes that if organisations’ cash is mostly derived from governments, they are NOT NGOs at all but subsidiaries of the regimes that keep them in funds.

Now here’s the crunch.

‘Von Krempach discovered that in the year just ended, the European Commission, an intergovernmental entity, provided fully 68% of ILGA’s budget. The Dutch government provided an additional €50,000 bringing ILGA’s governmental funding up to 71%. The rest of ILGA’s funding comes from left-wing donors George Soros, Sigrid Rausing, and one anonymous donor.’ 

Von Krempach also looked at the organization’s budget forecast for 2012 and found a total income of €1,950,000, of which €1 million come from the European Commission and €334,000 from the Dutch government. Von Krempach writes, “This raises questions with regard to ILGA-Europe’s accreditation to the UN Economic and Social Council.”

As Von Krempach notes, there is something very odd, to say the least, about the EUSSR’s Commission giving more money than anyone else to an outfit, pervert or not, that basically exists to lobby that same EUSSR Commission and its so-called ‘Parliament.’

Readers who are citizens of any of the EUSSR’s subject states should write to both their MPs and MEPs urging action to make the UN NGO Committee thoroughly investigate this unwholesome outfit’s accreditation.
And not just EUSSR!
America and Canada contribute lots of tax dollars to the UN.
These nations may have leaderships which see nothing wrong with treating deviants like normal folk, but surely they have a legal duty to prevent their vast contributions to the world body from being mis-spent, too.
Congratulations to for exposing this bizarre and scandalous story.

But PS!
Latest news just in from Holland is that while nary a word of criticism has been heard of the waste of public funds on promoting perversion, a full-scale with-hunt is under way against a Dutch Christian group that offers hope to homos unhappy in their un-natural condition.

The Government has been funding Different, and exactly how much help they give deviants is unclear, but as reports, ‘the Liberals in Government (VVD) party has expressed its indignation…Netherlands’ Minister of Health, Edith Schippers, has promised toput an end” to the reimbursements given by the government to Different, stating that “homosexuality is not an illness…”

What a dumbo! They’ll be telling us next that cancer isn’t an illness. But his fellow MPs in the Liberal Democrats, are just as stupid, calling the service provided by Different “idiotic and damaging.”
So a group of decent Dutch folk doing their best to ease a sorry affliction are lambasted, but nobody protests at massive subsidies to sodomites? What a sick country Holland has become.