Cool Britannia’s Gibraltar Sell-Out? Tell the Truth, B.Liar!

Blair signed ‘secret deal’ to hand over Gibraltar to Spain and end UK’s 300-year control

 B. Liar

Given that Blair is better known as B. Liar to many if not most of his fellow-countrymen the Daily Mail’s welcome exposure of the dirty deal he devised then hid from press and public when it came to naught is not terribly surprising – appalling, yes, but not a shocker.
We have Peter Hain to thank for uncovering this scurvy scheme, and it’s not often I’ve felt like thanking Hain, since those long-ago days when he was a Young Liberal trying to sabotage sports events.


But it’s Hain’s memoirs that describe the ‘secret deal to hand joint sovereignty of Gibraltar to Spain.’ He himself was up to his neck in the plotting, and seems totally unembarrassed about confessing his role in it, a role he played in 2002 .

As the Mail 24/1 has it, both Hain AND Blair were ‘prepared to ride roughshod over the objections of the people of Gibraltar.’ This sleazy sell-out has all the hall-marks of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office about it. It was the FCO which did its shameful worst to ditch our fellow-Brits in the Falklands, and their hostility to Ulster is infamous. No British community overseas is safe while the decadent appeasement mentality remains entrenched in Whitehall.


And the more we read of Hain’s explanation, the more this becomes obvious. He says that ‘Blair sanctioned the deal because he wanted to win the backing of the Spanish government – then led by Jose Maria Aznar – to help Britain take on France and Germany in EU negotiations.’

Aha! The EUSSR, worshipped by FCO apparatchiks, is in the thick of it. Ulster was a stumbling block on the road to Brussels, just as the conflict in the South Atlantic was a sore point with our enemies in the EUSSR. So sell-out was the recipe of the day in each case.

By curious coincidence it appears that the insatiable imperialism on the part of some of Aznar’s contemporaries was what derailed the treason train. They’d swallow no half-measures like joint sovereignty, demanding a 100% transer of title and control.

I say coincidence because it was only the Argie junta’s unreadiness to do the kind of deal Pym and the FCO mandarins dangled before them (which would have betrayed the islanders) that prevented a similar sell-out..


Hain and Straw started the sell-out manoeuvres in 2001.
By the following February, Blair was bleating in anticipation of a betrayal of Gibraltar which would ‘remove it as an obstruction to our relations within Europe.’
Happily the local leader Peter Caruana stood firm. ‘There is no prospect of me agreeing with such an approach,’ an expression of commitment to both Crown and democracy that induced Hain to describe him and his colleagues of being ‘stuck in the past.’

Once it fell apart, Blair told Hain to ‘park’ the sell-out. And I’ll bet it’s parked in a large FCO filing cabinet.
Good job, Mail, for splashing this tale of treachery, and Blair’s double-talk responses.
‘A spokesman for Mr Blair said: ‘Tony Blair has never said or thought Gibraltar should be “run by Spain”. Nor was he “contemptuous” of it.’
But then what Blair was offering Madrid was joint sovereignty. He doesn’t deny that.

   And as Mandy Rice-Davis said of another liar, as to the contempt he now says he never felt, well, he would say that, wouldn’t he?
The Mail goes wrong when it mentions David Cameron’s pledge on Gibraltar, as if to contrast Tory and Labour integrity.
Cameron’s a rat. He ratted on the referendum. He ratted on perv power. He’ll rat on Gibraltar too if it ever suits his supranationalist agenda.