Decent Muslims Laud Canada’s Kenney – “Extend Burka Ban!”

“It is only a sign of respect for your fellow citizens, when you are pledging to them your commitment to live in a community with them, to show your face and who you are and that your pledge is heartfelt and authentic,” Conservative Minister Jason Kenney told loyal Canadian Muslims last month. He was speaking to the Canadian Muslim Congress, a very different sort of body from the USA’s C.A.I.R, which is usually described by patriots as the enemy within.

 Jason Kenney

Canada is blessed to have decent Muslims organised like this, and it’s largely thanks to them that Canadians as a whole accept Muslims as immigrants. Were Islam to be represented by disloyal shariah-freaks, as it often is in the USA or the UK,  things would be very different.

Kenney was talking of his burka ban, and was heartened by the fact that polling shows eight out of 10 Canadians agreed with the decision while only 14% were opposed.

 Primitives Not Wanted in Canada

This should hardly be surprising. Only ignorant savages favour masking their women in head-shrouds to advertise their subjugation. But even in the face of such popular, and Muslim, support, a few voices were raised to show their disinclination to integrate into civilised society.

 While the audience gathered at a Toronto hotel spoke mostly in support of the niqab ban, one woman said she was “extremely offended” by the comments she had heard. “If somebody believes in it [the niqab] then it’s their right to practise it,” said Fatema Dada of the Canadian Muslim Lawyers Association.

But Kenney was spot on with his riposte. He quoted Sheikh Mohamed Tantawi, Egypt’s top Muslim authority – ‘face coverings were not a religious requirement.’ “He clarified for me that people in the West who think this is a religious obligation do not understand Islam law. So I am not going to second-guess the most pre-eminent Sharia authority in the Sunni world.”

 Farzana Hassan, MCC Voice of Reason

In contrast to the CMLA agitator,  normal Muslim women found a champion in  the MCC’s Farzana Hassan. “The niqab or burka is a political tool by Islamists who wish to segregate Muslims into religious ghettos, cut off from mainstream society.Islamists consider women who do not cover their heads and faces, which constitutes the vast majority, as sinners and lesser Muslims.”

Well said, Farzana! She’s a woman worth watching, as another quote, Toronto Sun 22/1  makes clear. “You have taken a very courageous step in banning the burka from citizenship ceremonies,”  She then suggested Kenny table a bill similar to Quebec’s Bill 94. Burkas and niqabs are not only a “security hazard,” they are also symbols of gender inequality and Islamic extremism,  “Invoking religious freedoms to conceal one’s identity and promote political ideology is disingenuous,” she said.