"We Don't Need IslamoNazis!" Thousands of Indonesians Swarm Airport, Burn Bigot Tent HQ!

A glorious day for Indonesia!

As Metrotvnews.com reported, ‘thousands of people surrounded the Palang Karaya Airport in Central Kalimantan (what we Westerners call Borneo) on Saturday, to reject the arrival of the Central Executive of the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI).

Well, heck, what a fine thing to happen, and I only just heard, thanks to coming home in the pouring Jakarta rain, opening up the blog and seeing a comment on the event from one of my many Indonesian readers. Naturally I hastened to check it out, and sure enough!

A real kick in the teeth for these evil sectarian thugs. Got the video link for you, too. http://www.metrotvnews.com/read/newsvideo/2012/02/11/145133/Warga-Palangkaraya-Tolak-FPI-/6

The residents were rejecting the establishment of an FPI branch in Central Kalimantan.

Seems there were chaotic scenes as the nazi flight approached, with ‘panicked passengers trying to get into the airport through the cargo entrance. Tensions erupted when citizens wanted to approach the runway where the plane carrying the four FPI officials from Jakarta was to land. The crowd took up a spontaneous roar against formation of any FPI in Central Kalimantan.

Nobody dared try to land from the IslamoNazis’ plane. Other crew and passengers were held up in the airport while negotiations went on, with protestors determined to exclude the trouble-makers. An MP, Faisal Akbar, was almost beaten because suspected to be a members of the FPI.

It remains unclear if the FPI Fuhrer, Habib Rizieq, was himself on board. If he’d sensed trouble, he’d no doubt have taken the day off to idle around their Jakarta HQ. He’s not noted for leading his storm-troops into action. But one can only rejoice at today’s tidings.

Decent Dayak Citizens Protest IslamoNazi Arrival

Youth Movement Chairman, Yansen Bint, said the arrival of the FPI was not required in Central Kalimantan. The presence of FPI will only lead to violence.

Quite right. They are street-scum led by vicious shariah-freaks. But why did Metro fall down so badly in reporting that it was the Dayak people who mobilised to fight fascism thus.

Antara News had a much more informative account, viz., the demo began at the Bunderan Besar (Big Roundabout) in town. explicitly to reject the FPI in Palangkaraya.

Vice Chairman of the Council of Indigenous Dayaks (Central Kalimantan) Tingkes Lucas told media he’d asked police to ‘prohibit the formation of FPI in Central Kalimantan. “We are concerned that the presence of the FPI is going to make people uneasy, because so far the organization has many activities that often create anxiety in the community. As for religious harmony in Central Kalimantan, it’s already no problem,” he said.

Lucas asked police not only to withold permission but also to cancel the Nazis’ intended inaugural ceremony. Young Mr. Bint, barely identified in the Metro TV report, turns out to be Chairman of the Youth Movement of Central Kalimantan Dayak Indonesia (GpdI-KT)  He pointed out that his area already has plenty of gorups aimed at keeping the religous peace, notably the Forum for Religious Harmony (FKUB), the Early Awareness Society Forum (FKDM), and the Regional Intelligence Community (Kominda)  “All of these organizations aim to preserve and maintain harmony among religious communities in Central Kalimantan, which is more than can be said for the FPI, always in the news for taking anarchist action…”

The rally having begun at the roundabout, it attracted more and more support, so that by the time the fanatic flight was near to landing,  the airport was surrounded! Meanwhile decent citizens also laid seige to the house of a certain Habib (one can guess what sort of character he is, with a name like Habib) and set fire to the tent where the inauguration was meant to take place!

PS   How astounding! Haib Rizieq did NOT accompany his buddies on that flight. Whatever else he is, he’s no fool. And of course, says Inilah.com., tonight he’s blaming it all on mysterious ‘provocateurs!’ And it may be related to the IslamoNazis’ poor relationship with the Provincial Governor, Agustinus Teras Nanang! Of course it couldn’t possibly be that many folks there just don’t care for sectarian thugs.