Happy Valentine’s Day – Enjoy Your Wallow in the Stench of Immorality!

 The self-styled ‘scholars’ of the MUI became increasingly frantic as Valentine’s Day loomed up menacingly before us, threatening to engulf Muslim youth in a veritable tsunami of sin and debauchery.
Thank God for these guys, ever ready to provide light relief.
 From RRA to MUI? 
Lots of delightful reports, like this from-
Riauterkini.com., up north  in Pekanbaru which reported that-Indonesia Ulemas Council (MUI) issued a fatwa, haram for Muslims not to celebrate Valentine Day….
Thus was confirmed by MUI Chairman Ilyas Husti in conversation with riauterkini.com on Tuesday (07.02.12). According to him, for any reason it is unlawful for Muslims to celebrate Valentine’s Day.”

  Ilyas Husti

“It is also unlawful to say Happy Valentine’s Day, both orally and in writing,” he explained… that tradition is not only non-Islam, but is also considered to carry the stench of immorality…
He added that in addition to celebrating, Muslims are also forbidden to give Valentine greetings, either through a special card, SMS, and special words of greeting in the media. “Valentine  is  a tradition that is contrary to Islamic law. As well as being against eastern cultural norms, what about young people having fun, petting, and affection out of wedlock, “he said.
And a look at ANTARA News, which warns that the ‘Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) Lebak, Banten, is asking citizens especially Muslims not to celebrate Valentine’s Day on February 14, 2012.”We hope the Muslims do not celebrate Valentine’s Day or `the day of love,’ because it invites disobedience and foreign cultures,” said Secretary MUI Lebak KH Baidjuri in Rangkasbitung, Friday.

Baidjuri is upset at the prospect of lots of ‘rah-rah and having fun between men and women…mutual affection with the opposite sex, thereby inviting sexual promiscuity. Valentine’s Day is also celebrated with binge drinking….the day of love was likely to invite disobedience. And it’s not the culture of Islam, “he said.

Binge drinking? Doesn’t sound like Valentine’s Day to me!
But the day is also condemned in Sumatra…see the okezone.com report from Palembang – where local chairman of Indonesia Ulemas Council (MUI) South Sumatra Province  has appealed to Muslims not to celebrate Valentine’s Day…..
…and in Kalimantan, where the local MUI (Province of West Kalimantan) is quite certain that ‘in this celebration there is a tendency that leads to promiscuity and adultery…formerly only popular in Europe and America, on that day, the young people have parties with rah-rah. They dance all night, giving each other chocolate gifts and other activities that stink of immorality.
Heck -I must have missed that part.
Even things that should only be done by couples, as well, that’s what they are doing. .It is certainly very worrying…in the Roman period it was strongly associated with the mythological world of the gods, and misguided. But in the present, it is synonymous with promiscuity, especially the young people, starting from the simplest of such parties, there’s dating, exchanging gifts, then up to conduct that leads to the practice of adultery!
…..Valentine’s Day, there is a belief that immoral conduct and illicitries such as dating, hugging, kissing, even immoral relations outside of marriage, may be done a fellow teenager. The reason for all of it is an expression of affection. Things like this are dangerous and will damage and destroy the moral future of Islamic youth.. from    Harian Equator,  Friday
———–Still, let’s hope Indonesia doesn’t go totally insane and emulate the fanatical goon country across the straits, where last year we had this report.

Malaysia has detained nearly 100 Muslims in a raid on Valentine’s Day, officials said on Tuesday (2/15/2011), after authorities warned Islam encourages the celebration of “indecent activities”.The raids carried out across the capital and central state of Selangor, found 96 people were arrested for “seclusion” or “close proximity” based on Islamic rules that forbid a Muslim alone with opposite sex as a coupleother than via marriage…
In Kuala Lumpur, officers of the shariah gestapo were out raiding  cheap hotels and public parks since before Valentine’s Day, and arrested 16 Muslims, mostly teenagers, a spokesman for Federal Territory Islamic Affairs Department told AFP.“The operation is part of the periodic raids in order to prevent the ‘seclusion’,” said Asmawi Umar, adding the youts pay 50 ringgit (about 150,000) for a hotel room for two hours.
In Selangor, raids were performed between midnight to 6 am on Valentine’s Day and arrested 80 Muslims, according to media reports, quoting from a statement of religious affairs officials. They will face penalties of up to two years imprisonment and fines if convicted by Islamic sharia law.

I’ll watch the KL news later to see if they had as much fun THIS year!

PS  …  just watching Metro TV – Valentine stories non-stop. Must be a LOT of ‘disobedience out there!