IslamoNazi Thugs Attack Indonesian Artist in Jogja

  Islamist Hoodlums Attack Artist
Bramantyo Prijosusilo, a Javanese writer, was surrounded and beaten by the thugs of Majelis Mujahidin Indonesia during a street-theatre performance in Jogjakarta yesterday.

MMI is not as infamous as the FPI or FUI, but was once led by that nasty old savage Abu Bakr Baashyir, who’s currently in prison for terror-related offences.

According to the Jakarta Globe, the street-theatre piece is aimed at urging Indonesians to  ‘fight against radicalism, anarchy, intimidation and violence.’  Bramantyo’s glasses were broken by the nazi louts, but he escaped serious injury, after being forced down from one of Jogja’s traditional carts from which he’d been telling his story of’ Opposition ot Destruction on the Name of Religion.’.

Incredibly, he was taken to a local police station while the cops consider charges laid by the hoodlums agianst their victim, viz. ‘blasphemy!’. Having assaulted the man, the bigot swine are apparently demanding he apologise for offending their bigotry!

“Of course I won’t apologize,” he said.