Canada’s Twin Tragedies – MultiCult and…the Supreme Court!

Since Turdeau’s execrable era, the Supreme Court has assumed the role of a decadent oligarchy in Canada.

 Like Turdeau, the Supremes Are An Affront  

Despite a clear rejection by Parliament of pervert inclusion in the Charter’s so-called ‘rights,’ the Court staged a constitutional coup by over-turning that decision by the people’s elected representatives. Time and again, those arrogant clowns have expanded their interference, even seeking to dictate foreign policy. Remember the Khadr Case?

 Khadr, Darling of the Judges

Now they’ve erased parental primacy in education. And used ‘multiculturalism’ as their excuse to impose pervert propaganda on defenceless youngsters.

But how do we fight multicult, since it’s entrenched by Turdeau’s fiat?

Time to ponder how to implement a democratic counter-revolution. 

Don’t let them kid you. That Quebec course is not objectionable because it teaches children about other religions. It is a full-frontal cultural assault on decent values.

Harper will never have the guts to redress the balance.

Time to reflect on what steps patriots are entitled to take.