Nice One, Kenney! Roma Parasites Nailed!

How refreshing to hear a Minister of the Crown telling the truth about undesirable ‘asylum-seekers,’ instead of all the left-lib gunk we usually hear.

      Hats off to Canada’s Jason Kenney, who accuses Roma parasites of ‘clogging up the system and wasting taxpayer money.’

The Immigration Minister has introduced reforms that ought to combine faster processing with opportunities of faster deportation. “Our government is very concerned about the recent increase in refugee claims from democratic countries that respect human rights,” Kenney said. The growing number of bogus claims from European Union democracies is only exacerbating the problem.”

Good stuff, but he should also be blocking arrivals from other countries too, for it is glaringly obvious that a large percentage of crimmigrants are motivated purely by economic impulses.      


But it’s especially agreeable to hear Kenney singling out the Roma, a pet minority of the left, including George Soros, who has penned many a paragraph on their behalf, but never opened his luxurious homes to illegal undesirables. He expects governments to impose them on ordinary Western working folk, but not on his own up-market arrondissements.

France and Italy have experienced tremendous problems from these Roma, and have been subjected to regular harrassment from the EUSSR for trying to protect their citizens from thieving vagrants.

 EUSSR’s Red Reding

If malign multicultists like Commissar Viviane Reding are Roma fans, then we know we don’t want their illegal presence in any of our countries.

According to media reports, Kenney says that many Roma came to Canada to abuse its “generous” welfare system. To be perfectly honest with you, we have people showing up at … the airport where they make their asylum claim, asking where they can get their check from, their welfare check.” 

Sounds just like those parasitic ‘asylum’ illegals in Oz, and in the UK, It’s not just the Roma – a massive programme of fast deportation is needed in every Western nation invaded by these bludgers.

If Kenney gets his law, those judged not to be refugees will not be able to waste tax-payers’ time and money with spurious ‘appeals,’ and would need to wait a year before any request to loiter in Canada for ‘humanitarian’ reasons. Meanwhile, such wasters could be deported.

Okay, today the Roma, tomorrow the rest!