Eat Your Words, Pinko! Hamilton Ont.What It Used To Be!

The Sort of Trouble-Making Nit-Wit Canada Doesn’t Need

This is a story I missed, and I got it from the excellent Canadian blog Blazing Catfur, and it sums up the sickness at the heart of Canada.

Cameron’s Eatery Sign

The grinning buffoon at the top is one of the plethora of tax-parasite pinkos Canada has spawned since the ghastly Turdeau Era, and her name is Evelyn Myrie.

In the good old days when I sat upfront with my Dad as he drove the truck around Ontario, Hamilton was a large mysterious city, quite different from the small municipality near which we lived. But after a few visits, it seemed perfectly normal, and it was.

Not any more. The citizens are now taxed to provide a cushy job for the nitwit Myrie, who rejoices in the title of  EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR of the city’s CENTER for CIVIC INCLUSION ! Can you imagine a more idiotic name? Not Myrie…I mean the CCI.

Idiotic, maybe, but they like to soak up tax-dollars, and they submitted a request for $130,000 in 2009, same again in 2010, promising to be self-funding thereafter…then found the need to ask for $100,000 last year, $75,000 this year, and a mere $50,000 next year. THEN they’ll be self-funding! No doubt!

Are Hamilton’s citizenry happy to fork out so much cash in economic hard times? I wonder.

   Turdeau’s  Benedictory Blessing!

Anywway, the demented bint has been conducting a vendetta against a guy named Cameron Bailey, whose BBQ eatery dares to advertise not only what he sells to customers, but what he doesn’t.

If the pic isn’t clear enough, he DOESN’T retail exotic cuisine.  “Things we don’t have and never will  – halal, rice, kabob, shawarma, fries, wings, ¼ chicken, Mexican, burgers.”

To add insult to injury, Cam brazenly expects diners to speak Canadian.  “To better serve you, our staff speaks English.” How dare he!

Enter the dragon.

Myrie went loopy.  “Why would he go and attack the people who eat those kinds of foods? He’s ignoring a great deal of the population. It’s very stereotypical… It’s unacceptable and feeds into a stereotype… He has the right to sell his goods but doesn’t have the right to trash other foods that are culturally driven.”

Well, he’s not attacking anyone, is he? He’s not ‘trashing’ anything. If you like normal barbie food, you go in – if you don’t, you find some place more agreeable to your tastes. But that was the old Canada, a country profoundly sane.

And do we not have a right to ignore people anymore? No, of course not! Myrie is the worst sort of petty tyrant, in your face with her nasty, narrow, sticky-beak mentality.

The quote from LB (loony bint) comes from the Hamilton Spectator, which was sufficiently fair-minded to seek alternative outlooks, and found one, in the shape of  McMaster University’s Professor Cyril Levitt, who is a board member of the Canadian Civil Liberties Association, and evidently has a slightly more acute grasp of what it means to live in a free country than Mental Myrie.

 “I suspect that the intent is simply to garner more business for the restaurant. I believe we have to give broad protections to civil liberties. As many people have suggested, the corrective to odious speech and expression is not to criminalize it but to invite more critical speech. If freedom of expression is to mean anything, it surely must mean the recognition of the right of those with whom I am in vigorous disagreement to express their opinions.”

Okay. Disagree with what you say, but defend to the death your right to say it. A baffling concept to the PC pinkos who run what used to be a Free Dominion.

I’m tempted to go back for a visit simply, to spend a few bucks at Bailey’s diner.

Myrie is a vile vindictive creature, Read the follow-up from Blazing Catfur!

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