Facebook Geekstapo Stomp RRA – But No Surrender!

Somebody sure got mad at us!

We have several channels we use to spread the good news that RRA likes to publish, and the bad news that we don’t like, but that needs to be spread too.

Last night and the night before, the sneaky little nerds who serve as Facebook myrmidons blocked not one but two FB accounts which are used largely to promote RRA.

The first censor attack came when we alerted Americans to the sycophantic antics of the pro-Obama U.S. Embassy here in Jakarta. The second when we urged the dismissal of that shariah judge in Pennsylvania. The Manchurian’s minions are busy little bees, yeah?

Attempts to remedy this situation were thwarted by deliberate lies on Facebook’s part, saying that ‘no verification methods were available!’

Over a day and a half with no facility to check our IDs? Come off it, Geekstapo!

Apparently a pro-Israel FB site (quite unconnected with us) was also blocked, so a good week for the left-libs, the crimmigrants, the IslamoNazis and the pervs, one of whom, I gather, is a senior figure in FB.

And curiously, our main email address was swamped with over 1500 identical spams.

Never mind – the cowardly renegades in the local expat community ( who send scabrous abuse on an almost daily basis without ever plucking up the courage to provide their name) can dance a jig, but their powerful patrons have not succeeeded in suppressing the voice of freedom, not by a long chalk.

Oya, you good folks who tune in daily, please advise our mutual FB friends to register directly with the blog! They erased us completely once, but we bounced back, so this is a mere blip on the radar!