SF Seeks EUSSR Funds for IRA Monument – Have They No Shame?

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Only got hold of this yesterday, thanks to a reader in Belfast.
Seems another of the Sinn Fein/IRA gang given power in Ulster has been planning to abuse it – no surprise – by spending tax-payers’ money, courtesy of the EUSSR, on a monument to the terrorists who waged cowardly war on men, women and children in  every part of the UK for decades.
And as so often, it was TUV’s lone representative at Stormont, Jim Allister, who broke the the shocking news. It was he who ‘challenged Sinn Fein’s DARD Minister to say if her department is currently considering a grant application,’  for  ”refurbishing the IRA monument in the Square in Crossmaglen.’
As Jim commented,  “Such would not only be an outrageous misuse of public money, an abuse of the Rural Development funding…this monument celebrates sectarian murder by glorifying IRA members who made the savage killing of security forces and local citizens, such as those at Kingsmills, Darkley, Whitecross and Tullyvallen, their evil stock and trade.
Jim Allister
“Michelle O’Neill must come clean on whether she and her department are presently considering such an application and, if so, let her urgently declare that it will not be approved. Any other decision would be monstrous. Measure 3.6 of the RDP exists for the “conservation and upgrading of the rural heritage”, not for the glorification of terrorism.”
Ulster’s Newsletter  22 February 2012 confirmed that ‘ the application is for EU funds.’
As again is often the case, the First Minister, Peter Robinson, has tail-ended the issue.
It would be “totally unacceptable” for public funds to go to renovate an IRA memorial, First Minister Peter Robinson has said.Entering the growing debate about an attempt to get taxpayers to fund repairs to the republican statue in Crossmaglen, the First Minister said that he had asked officials to “investigate and report urgently”.

Mr Robinson’s comments came amid a backlash yesterday from unionists and IRA victims after Agriculture Minister Michelle O’Neill said that she had no problem with a funding application for the memorial going ahead.


Michelle O’Neill – Another Terrorist Sympathiser


According to the Newsletter report, up to  £30,000 may be involved, under the aegis of ‘rural development’ -which most of us would think involved improvements to infrastructure and/or environment for the farming community –  and the SF Minister, Michelle O’Neill, has had her minions on the case ‘for months.’

DUP Assemblyman William Irwin said ‘“I have today made inquiries and know that this matter has been the subject of discussion by DARD officials for a number of months in terms of its eligibility….This application should not receive funding as it is divisive and the monument itself is insulting and hurtful to the many innocent victims of republican terrorism.”

And given the likely source of the funding, DUP MEP Diane Dodds said that she would be pressing the EU Agriculture Commissioner on how “a memorial to those who murdered scores of innocent people in the south Armagh area can be considered as promoting cross-community development.'”

Disgusting, yes, but why are people shocked – if you put IRA scum into a position whereby they can divert money out of their erstwhile victims’ pockets into projects that propagate the lie that the IRA terrorists were some sort of ‘heroes,’ then of course they’ll try to do just that.

Better to have a fraction of that 30,000 quid spent on a small demolition team, to remove the offensive eyesore.