Egg-Plant/ Moussaka/ Falklands/ Malvinas/ Obama/ Ratbag!

Moussaka is a Greek dish, yeah? When I used to hitch around Greece, it was one of my favourite foods, based on aubergines aka egg-plant.


But yesterday I was waiting for the noon news on Metro TV and they had a Moroccan chef on, telling us it was Egyptian.

 I’m sure the Moor’s version is equally tasty, but any comments, readers?

 Maybe it’s like arak, that white spirit that’s drunk around the Med. Pernod in France, ouzo in Greece, raki in Lebanon. What’s in a name?

Well, a lot’s in a name, really.

On 11th February, this appeared on Hispan TV.

…last month, the US Department of State released a statement on its official website calling for a negotiated solution to the dispute.

The department’s reference to the islands as Malvinas, while Britain insists on calling the archipelago “the Falklands,” came as another slap in the face of the Special Relationship.

Special relationship dissed, or deliberately despatched. We know Obama didn’t like having to take over running the liberation wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, but why so quick to forget whose troops, for better or for worse,  accompanied America’s into those hell-holes?

Maybe Argentina was reluctant to fight alongside the USA, or maybe the Pentagon remembered how miserably the Argies performed in the South Atlantic War in 1982 and didn’t bother to ask them.

Either way, it was the UK and the USA who stood together.

How dare Obama openly despise the right of our British Falkland Islanders to self-determination by using the imperialist/expansionist enemy’s nomenclature to describe them?   REAL Americans share our indignation!