Sexy Dancers Detained, Islamist Hoodlums Not – More Double Standards!

After our busy day out, a rainy day in yesterday, our equivalent of the monsoon season making its presence felt, but we needed a rest anyway. Had a visitor or two, one of whom had not seen RRA, so she spent the arvo flicking through old posts.

By curious coincidence, she made the same comment as I got today from one of our American readers, that while there wasn’t much to disagree with in most of my posts, my turn of phrase can be slightly abrasive.

That’s true. I live in a country that I like very much, but that seems to be descending into shariah, a fate devoutly to be warded off wherever possible.

I also come from the Occident, where all the values and traditions and freedoms we once cherished are being not just abandoned, but often forbidden.

Of course I get abrasive!

My daily life is pleasant and busy, usually, but when I spend two hours each way across Jakarta on my commuter buses etc., I have plenty of time to think – even more at the mo, with my mini-laptop still in the repair shop! – and not all of that time is devoted to planning the next night out. And the daily news reports make my thoughts pretty grim.

So if this next is abrasive, mea culpa!

After our repeated posts on how West Java’s Police Chief is content to leave the self-confessed sectarian thugs who attacked the Ahmadiyah mosque on the loose, I see from the Jakarta Globe, 25/2, that a clutch of naughty girls in North Jakarta have not been so lucky.

Police have arrested 16 striptease dancers at a hotel in North Jakarta and charged them with “committing a pornographic act.”

  Naughty Girls Facing Six Years

  Islamist Swine, SOME of whom Got Six Months

Adj. Sr. Comr. Herry Heryawan, the head of the Jakarta Police’s mobile unit, said the women were arrested at the Golden Hands Hotel and Spa on Wednesday night, along with their suspected handlers, several hotel employees and three massage therapists.

Like those two exotic dancers in Padang, reported here last week, they will be stuck in a miserable cell, awaiting trial, which may mean a long time behind bars, both before and after they get to court.

The JG says they could face up to SIX YEARS in prison.

Quite a contrast with those filthy Islamist swine in Cikeusik, who got six months or less for their role in the martyrdom of three innocent Ahmadis.

PS    Also in the JG, the louts who vandalised the Ahmadi place of worship face a maximum of 5 years six months – less than the strippers! And I’d bet the farm none of the savages get anything NEAR the max!