Israel-Baiting Weasel Waters Stabs Fellow-Brits in the Back

After that ultra-leftist sticky-beak Sean Penn stuck his big nose into the Falklands dispute – on the side of Argentine imperialism – now we have another know-nothing celeb mixing into the same topic, and bad-mouthing his own country at the same time.

Attack ... rock star Roger Waters

 Roger Waters

As The Sun has just reported PINK Floyd legend Roger Waters has stepped into the row over the Falklands — declaring they should be Argentinian.

This is a new  issue for Waters to get his dentures into, having devoted much time and energy towards anti-Israeli activism, including support for 2009’s Gaza Freedom March. Last year he came out for the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions movement to hit Israel economically.

But this is the first time he has taken a stand against his own countrymen, and disparaged Britain’s own historic greatness.

The rocker, 68, said he is ashamed of Britain’s colonial past. He said: “I take no pride that for 150 years or so the sun never set on the British Empire and we were out raping and plundering and stealing as much as we could from everybody.”

What a load of rubbish. The British Empire was one of the finest human achievements in all history- our ancestors built wonderful dominions where before only wilderness held sway. Justice and progress was spread across the world wherever the Union Jack flew.

     Waters was talking to a Chilean station, and clearly tailored his message to a Latin American audience, which, ignorant of history and with scant regard for democracy, is on the side of Argie imperialism.

Asked who should have the islands, he replied: “I think they should be Argentinian.”

Ludicrously, he then back-tracked, either with some residual conscience at work, or suddenly aware of how fans in the UK might react. Who knows how the mind of an addled ass works?

“They are British, aren’t they, so they have a point of view and there is a case to be made.”

So why make a totally indefensible statement that these Brits ought to be sold out, placed under alien control?

A fool or a knave – glad I never bought any of his records.