IslamoNazi Jogja Gauleiter in ‘Abuse’ Case, Factions Riot at Court

The ‘New, Squeaky-Clean IslamoNazi FPI?’ So they would have us believe! But…

Tedy’s Character Laid Bare?

On Tuesday, Detiknews reported from Jogjakarta, where the local IslamoNazi gauleiter, a certain Tedy Bambang, was accused of ‘abusing‘ a woman.

A rival Islamist group, the Indonesian Jihad Front, showed up to ‘support victims of abuse’ and as Detik goes on to tell us, ‘rioting occurred before the trial started!‘ The nazi white-shirts had arrived en masse to support their gauleiter, ‘a truck, minibus, two jeeps and dozens of motorcycles.’

IslamoNazi Convoy

It’s not clear how the FJI arrived, but they all got busy in front of the courthouse, ‘provoking each other and throwing stones.’ Needless to say, they were not allowed into court, with ‘hundreds of riot police’ present.

The actual case has been dragging on for months, since 17th November last year, in fact, but I haven’t covered it because it’s more than a tad obscure, more a basic criminal case than anything related to our usual themes.

But having said that, an FPI gauleiter accused of abusing a woman merits mention.and this hitherto unknown body of jihadists that brawled with them needs to be checked out – if they are into stoning the FPI, they can’t be all bad!

The lady allegedly maltreated is Mrs.Erna Efriyanti, who is linkd to the FJI. She had some sort of debt problem with the gauleiter’s wife Sebrat Haryanti  – i.e. she wanted Sebrat to pay back money previously borrowed!

Tedy, who is probably not as soft and cuddly as the bear of that name who accompanied me through childhood and now resides in Australia, was incensed that the aggrieved party reported the financial dispute to his Fuhrer Habib Rizieq.

Fuhrer Rizeq – It’s All Gone Quiet Over There!

So he went to a supermarket and apparently did things, yelling, punching and spitting, which have him facing Article 351 paragraph 1 of the Criminal Code, Article 335 paragraph 1 to-1 of the Criminal Code and Article 315 of the Criminal Code. 

The Jakarta Globe says of him ‘Bambang is notorious for his use of violence. He was accused last year of leading an attack on members of the Ahmadiyah Islamic sect in the province.’

But the most interesting  part of the story, perhaps, is Fuhrer Rizeiq’s response to Erna’s request for his attention to the shortcomings of  his Jogja minion’s missus.

Curiously, Rizieq responded exactly as he did to the journos who wanted to talk to him about the FPI’s links with the wierd Jakarta cleric accused of child molesting.

Not a word!