Tomorrow Belongs to SNP? Salmond Uber Alles?

One-Party STATE IN Scotland?

I met David Steel once, ages ago, and only briefly, so he won’t remember me, but he was a pleasant enough bloke, albeit a Liberal. I’d popped into a shop across the road from the House of Commons to buy a shirt, and he was pricing trousers, cannily, in true Scots manner. He gave me an askance glance when the assistant quoted more than FIFTEEN POUNDs for a pair of cavalry twills, and I raised my eye-brows disapprovingly.

He nodded, and chose a cheaper pair.  We exchanged ‘good afternoons,’  and that was the last I saw of him.  I skipped my purchase and went to C & A’s, in Oxford Street, I think, where you could find shirts for ONE POUND, special discount.


Anyway, we must be grateful to him for his warning about what the SNP see as their goal. a one-party Scottish republic. Steel didn’t say ‘republic,’ just ‘state,’ but the SNP, deep down, are republican, and I say that despite meeting sincere monarchists who were members. They too harboured concerns about the anti-royal element then, and that was two or more decades ago, and before Alex Salmond’s leftist clique took over.


The Herald this week quoted Lord Steel thus, after his counter-attack on the SNP, in the latest row over media bias. Salmond was not invited to appear on a BBC sports show, set around the Scotland-England segment of the Six Nations, and so incensed was the SNP fuhrer that he denounced the Beebman responsible as a ‘gauleiter.’

This caused other parties to accuse him of resorting to a ‘nazi slur.’ Now ‘gauleiter’ is a word you see often on RRA but we try to use it in its accurate sense. It was originally the word used to describe a District Leader in the NSDAP, Hitler’s party, before and during the Third Reich. Hence it is the perfect description for the IslamoNazi FPI – same species, thuggery, white-shirts instead of brown-shirts, fundamentally anti-democratic. The FPI even shares Hitler’s abhorrence of Jews. But to use it against some BBC bureaucrat is surely going a bit far. I say this despite my own dislike of the BBC, whose dhimmi attitudes would probably commend them to the FPI!

But my use of fuhrer, above,  to describe Salmond, would be unfair, so I withdraw it. Back to Steel.

Firstly, there’s no reason why any politicians should get to talk about sports, unless they have something useful to contribute.

Secondly, the BBC’s response to the Salmond whinge sounds quite fair.viz. ‘the FM had asked to be included on the programme, but his appearance had never been confirmed and had been refused following two requests for him to appear on radio. However, the Scottish Government accused the BBC of getting its “facts wrong” and pointed to emails showing Mr Salmond had indeed been invited to appear.’

As my Scottish pals would say, ‘Big Bliddy Deal!

Steel put my own thoughts into Hansard, very succinctly.‘When I switched on my television that Saturday at 4.30 to watch that dreadful Calcutta Cup match, the last thing I wanted to see was the First Minister popping up to give his inexpert views. He should be concentrating on governing the country, not looking for camera calls wherever he can.”

Hear, hear!

But what Steel added was much more disturbing.

‘We are being told by some people that to be anti-SNP is to be anti-Scottish. It is time they understood that the rest of us resent being told that to be pro- Scotland, you have to be pro-SNP. That’s not the case.” He had been ‘told by other broadcasters that the Salmond rugby experience was not unique for them and that SNP heavies have made more regular calls of complaint to newsrooms than all the other political parties put together and that this is running at times close to intimidation.

“We are seeing a trend towards the attributes of the one-party state, where news bulletins are led by stories of what the dear leader has been doing today and that is a real danger.”

Steel’s use of the ‘dear leader’ tag, a la North Korea, is probably as unfair as my use of fuhrer, but Salmond is not slouch at dishing it out, so I guess he can take it back in spades sometimes!

With final voting in just under two weeks on the legislation for the Scots to have their referendum, this is a timely warning of what they might be conned into voting for.

The Eurocrats are keen to see the UK parcelled up into regions. The SNP was ONCE anti-Common Market, but as Brussels revealed its true aspirations towards a supranational EUSSR status, the socalled ‘nationalist’ curiouslyt became enamoured of the Euro-elite.

And Murdoch is apparently on good terms with Salmond, and we know that he too is a republican, and not in the healthy American sense! 

There are all sorts of shadowy presences in this unfolding drama.