An Honest Man, Battling for Britain! Rights Commission Exposed as Charade…

Just as we here have said, many a time and oft, Nick Clegg and Ken Clarke are millstones around Britannia’s neck.
  Wet Slug Clarke  with Collaborator Clegg 
What one UK newspaper correctly calls an ‘explosive allegation‘ comes from none other than a member of the Government-appointed Commission on a Bill of Rights.

Cast-Iron Cameron set it up ostensibly to tackle the constant intrusion of EuroCourt judges into what’s left of British justice, but it turns out his Coalition ‘partner, LibDem Clegg, and Kenneth ‘Wet Slug’ Clarke, whose rancid liberalism has done so much harm to the Conservative Party,  have combined to thwart its purpose.


The hero of this story is a man few have heard of, Dr Michael Pinto-Duschinsky, who has exposed the charade….’he had been secretly told by Tory Justice Secretary Mr Clarke and Lib Dem leader Mr Clegg to ignore ‘agitation from Parliament’. The hugely-respected political scientist claims the panel – which is stuffed with liberals hand-picked by Mr Clegg – has effectively been told to reach the conclusion that no change is needed to human rights law.’
 Dr Michael Pinto-Duschinsky- True Brit!

To add insult to injury, MPs, whose huge revulsion at an ECHR diktat demanding criminals in jail should have the right to vote, over-riding long-standing British law, forced Cameron to set up the Commission, learned the pinko majority on the Commission compared them to Hitler’s German Reichstag!

‘…’many of the most objectionable laws in Nazi Germany were passed, at least in the early years, by a democratically elected assembly’. Members believe that allowing MPs to override human rights is the tyranny of the majority.

Pinto-Duschinsky resigned after a confrontation with its chairman, a left-liberal appeaser, Sir Leigh Lewis.

Speaking on the BBC’s Sunday Politics programme, he made it clear who he thinks is really to blame: ‘The commission answers to Ken Clarke – he and Nick Clegg set it up and selected the chairman. His civil servants run the commission and staffing, his hands are everywhere. The commissioners were called in last December by Ken Clarke and Nick Clegg and told we should ignore what was called “agitation” from Parliament.

‘Now I consider that a ten to one vote, an overwhelming vote (on prisoner voting) by our House of Commons, can’t be dismissed as agitation. And I said so.’

Ths is quite astounding. not the Euro-Grovel mentality of Clarke, who has always been no better than a saloon bar pinko oaf, but the way CAMERON has alowed this pair of Brussels crawlers to abuse the power HE gave them to run the Commission. Dr. Pinto-Duschinsky reckons the dire duo are disloyal to Cast-Iron, but with all due respect to a decent patriot, Cameron is the culprit.

He cannot possibly have been ignorant of what was going on, or not going on, in that commission, but he has failed to call Clarke to heel. Dismissal is the least the Slug should have faced. Yes, Cameron is in coalition with Clegg, for good or ill, ill, actually, but each leader gets to choose which of his MPs gets to run the various ministries allotted to their party.

CAMERON chose the Slug to take charge of the Ministry of Justice, which Pinto-Duschinksy has further accused of ‘leaning on him not to issue a statement arguing for parliamentary powers to override Strasbourg. He said he was told ‘the Lib Dems won’t agree’.

The Daily Mail has done a further service to democracy by publishing details of hitherto secret emails, ‘arguing forcefully that Parliament should not be allowed to ‘override’ controversial judgments.

The Slug’s Ministry spokesman is quoted thus  ‘We are aware that there have been some internal difficulties within the commission.’

Difficulties? A deliberate strategy of not so much obstruction as outright sabotage of the Commission’s purpose, and snide, offensive insults to the MPs, who may not be perfect – far from it – but at least are not hand-picked sell-out ratbags like the majority of that Commission.

Comparing the House of Commons to the Nazis must have been especially intolerable to Pinto-Duschinky, a Holocaust survivor, and he makes that clear in his very telling commentary also published in the Mail. 

I was among those spared, while 20,000 others were put on trains for gas chambers of Auschwitz.It was an experience that led me to fight for human rights all my life, as reflected, for example, during my work during the Vietnam War in the 1960s when I liaised with the International Red Cross to prevent humanitarian abuses.I know what the abuse of human rights really means. It is certainly not the kind of nonsense we hear so much about today – parents smacking children, the eviction of travellers from illegal encampments or the deportation of foreign criminals in breach of their supposed ‘right to a family life’.

Being left-liberal, the Commissioners both hate and fear democracy. They rejected the good doctor’s call for 50 public meetings to be held across the country. Instead, only one is planned, which will be much easier to pack with cronies, or if that fails, simply to ignore.
Cameron has a clear choice. Sack Clarke NOW or admit he’s himself to blame.