EuroCourt’s Old Nick Spurns Reform – Time for UK to Get OUT!

The EuroCourt came to town last week, or at least one of its judges came to Westminster, to tell the British people’s elected representatives that his unelected cronies ONLY interefered with British internal affairs when it was absolutely necessary.

  Old Nick Pratza and Al Qataba, the Fiend His Clique Protected

Sir Nicolas Bratza, appearing before Parliament for the first time, offered a strong defence of the much-criticised institution and insisted it was not interfering with British courts or policies.

What? They block the decision of a sovereign nation to expel a swine like Qataba and that’s not interference?

He claimed that last year it only found fault with Britain on eight occasions in almost 1,000 cases, and very rarely prevented the deportation of criminals or terror suspects.

‘Very rarely’ is not good enough.  Such criminals and terrorist suspects are ipso facto undesirable aliens – if Brits don’t want the scumbags, out they should go. And the other cases, unmeddled? This exemplifies our point – there’s no need for the UK to be subject to this alien conclave of know-alls.

And he brushed aside most of the suggestions made by the Government to rewrite the rules that underpin the Strasbourg court, in a blow to David Cameron’s calls for reform.

How predictable, to Cast-Iron Cameron especially, who must have known this would happen.

After all, he sabotaged his own Rights Commission ( ostensibly established to minimise EuroGrovel cases) by putting an enemy of British rights,  Kenneth Wet-Slug Clarke, in charge as Minister of  Justice, the job a permissive pinko like Clarke is probably LEAST suited to hold.

Two of a kind  –  Cast-Iron will never sack Wet-Slug!

Were there a Ministry of Self-Righteous Cigar-Chewing Elitists, he’d be perfect!

Look at the nit-picking nonsense cases these clowns have handed down over the years. Teachers banned from caning teen louts, convicts cleared to defy slopping-out orders and even awarded the right to vote, in blatant contradiction to UK precedent.  Not to mention Qataba and other swine who don’t belong in a civilised country, kept there at the behest of a supranational judiciary.

They even think the death penalty is out of order, a mockery of their authority, given that when their founding statute, the European Convention on Human Rights, was initiated back in the post-war years, most every signatory government had capital punishment on the books and was wisely using it on evil-doers!

Of course there’s no point in tinkering with British subservience to this lot.
No ifs, no buts, no more compliance with its imbecilic edicts.
Derogation from the whole ECHR system, now!                     Out – Out – Out!