Now, France, Clean Out the Banlieues!

   One Less Lousy Savage in La Belle France


Congratulations to the Frenchman who took out this piece of jihadist garbage.

I know some people will say, as they did about those terrorists shot in Bali this week, that it’s useful to take them alive, for the sake of interrogation, but France long ago abandoned proper punishments for butchers of innocent children, no guillotine today, so if he’d been taken, the worst that would have befallen him would have been a life sentence. Hardly adequate.




But now it’s time, surely, to finish the job. 

Sarkozy has apparently received a boost in the presidential polls for his stern words during the siege, but he has had years to tackle the source of the poison which has entered French society.  Sure, the burkah ban is good, but it’s only scratching the surface. 


   Banlieue Burning


As Sarkozy’s rightwing opponent Marine Le Pen correctly says,  ‘entire suburbs have been surrendered to Islamist radicals by negligent politicians,’ and the security forces ought to be transferred from the cene of the siege in Toulouse to Paris, and given firm orders to clean out those banlieues, where ordinary cops (not to mention ordinary French people!) fear to tread.

The photo above reminds us that France missed a chance to cleanse those primitive lairs a few years ago. Had the gendarmerie been given shoot-to-kill orders then, excised a few hundred rioters from the equation, and supervised the deportation of a few thousand more, France would be a healthier country today.

But better late than never!


      Marine Le Pen


Of course citizens of Arab-origin who are loyal to France should not be ill-used. Decent French folk of North African descent, like those poor soldiers who were among that swine Muhammed Merah’s victims, deserve every respect.

But there are thousands ( some perhaps born in France but no matter – after all, that murderer in Toulouse was apparently born thereabouts)  who have no allegiance to the red, white and blue of that fine French Tricoleur, who have not even taken the trouble to learn the language of the country they leech off and insult, whose first loyalty is to the sectarian ummat concept, not to the land that took them in, who should packed off by boat or plane  – tout suite!

Algeria would be a suitable destination.

The Muslim Government there also faces an Islamist insurrection, and knows better than the craven EUSSR, with its mindless incantations against the death penalty, how to handle shariah savages.