God Bless Slovenia! And God Save UK from Cameron's Contempt for Democracy!

Bravo Slovenia!

This little republic, possibly the only nation in Europe actually to be allowed a referendum on the vile ‘gay’ agenda, has given a resounding thumbs down to a law passed last year which would have ‘ granted  gay couples rights similar to those of married heterosexuals.’ 

Despite repeated claims by pollsters that Slovenians would knuckle under, over 55 percent followed the path of traditional values, against just under 45 percent who wanted to redefine the meaning of family.

The sheer arrogance of the EUSSR clones who sponsored the law remains unaffected by a mere democratic vote, however, with President Danilo Turk saying ‘the referendum was not necessary and  only undermined the authority of the eurozone country’s legislators.’

The fool appears not to understand what democracy is all about. If the people had endorsed his minions’ decadent ploy, perhaps he could say it was needless to seek their approval.

Danilo, Dissing Democracy

But in fact the ‘eurozone country’s legislators’ were slapped in the face for their high-handed and out-of-touch elitism, a very necessary step, it would seem.

“The Code is good and could have entered into force immediately. For the sake  of the legislator’s authority, it would be better to have laws implemented and  not contested on referendums,” Turk told AFP . http://www.ottawacitizen.com/health/Slovenians+reject+more+rights+couples/6356930/story.html#ixzz1qDve2SBE

What spectacular hubris! Yes, of course if you despise the essence of what a free society is all about, ‘it would be better to have laws implemented and  not contested on referendums,” but that. Mr. President, would mean your little cliques could disregard the citizens every which way.

Tough, Danilo, you tried to diss democracy and you got whacked. Good!

But what does all this say about Cast-Iron Cameron, who is rail-roading his so-called ‘gay’ so-called ‘marriage’ scheme into British law with arguably the most overt contempt for democratic practice ever seen in the UK.

Cast-Iron Cameron, Public Enemy

Sure, he holds a ‘public consultation’ which he openly states will have NO effect on his plans, no matter if 100% of those who voice a view are at odds with his degenrate thinking. 

The man is a menace to everything that’s ever been good about Great Britain. Citizens should take whatever democratic action they deem fit to rid their realm of this posturing pestilence.