Shariah Aceh – Hell Can Get Hotter?!?


The Sharia Hell of Aceh!


Sharia remains priority for candidates  


  That headline, from  the JakartaPost 25/3, makes chilling reading, and the article beneath it was grim.|


Islamic sharia remains the main political sales pitch among gubernatorial candidates to enable them to win the upcoming Aceh regional election scheduled for April 9…

I have always felt a certain sympathy with Aceh, partly because they fought hard for their self-determination, and partly, of course, because I reckoned the people had a lousy lot in life, gaining provincial special autonomy but with sharia law hung round their collective neck like a putrescent albatross.


The recent arrest and maltreatment of punks – grabbed at a charity concert, thrown in a pond, heads shaved, held for Communist-style ‘re-education’ – may not have elicited much sympathy from ‘respectable’ society, but what about the persecution of the harmless Millata Abraham sect, whose members were warned by a head-shrouded minion of the ignoramus regime that they’d be hunted down if they didn’t turn themselves in for forced conversion to Islam?

Here’s part of our RRA post on the subject, 27th May last year.



……… the fanatics who run Aceh Province in the far north of Indonesia, a place infamous for its cruel sharia flogging of women, had warned that all personal data, names, addresses, etc., of the Millata Ibrahim creed’s congregation would be posted publicly, unless they ‘repent.’

We know what they mean by ‘repent’ – we have seen dozens, hundreds maybe, of Ahmadis ‘repenting’ after hideous intimidation all over Indonesia. In Islamist-Speak, ‘repent’ means abandoning your faith and bowing to their interpretation of God’s Word, not, necessarily or even, currently, usually, because you have reconsidered the fundamental truths of faith, but because you’re scared for yourself and your family. As we put it when we last covered this story,  ‘we know where you live – convert or else!’

Illiza Sa’aduddin Djamal, deputy mayor of Banda Aceh, said her administration was still verifying information about the followers of the Millata Abraham sect before revealing their identities.  “Right now we’re coordinating on the data with the city’s Shariah enforcement agency and the city police,” she said. “We’ll start publishing their names in early June.”  She added that no matter how insignificant their transgressions might seem, the impact was “worse than the tsunami” that killed more than 170,000 people in Aceh alone in December 2004.

What a nitwit! Equating somebody’s decision to think for themselves, as human beings should, with the massive tidal wave that took a hundred thousand lives, indicates only that the woman is a frothing bigot.


Going backover this episode, I was incensed at the sheer satanic badness that rules up there, and so decided to give you another extract from the previous week’s post on the subject, as many of you were not regular readers then and won’t know just what a rotten shariah sty Aceh really is.


  And coupled with this, the fanatic mayor adds the chilling warning that, if they fail to ‘report to the city’s office for Islamic affairs,’ he would ‘leave it to the public to monitor their movements. ‘

“If the members of this sect fail to meet this deadline, we will name every single member of this deviant sect, accompanied with photographs of them and their exact addresses, through a variety of media, including newspapers,” Mawardy said on Tuesday.

Mayor Nasty has the full backing of the sectarian establishment for his persecution of the harmless Millata Abraham sect. An ad warning them to show up for indoctrination, in Tuesday’s Serambi Indonesia ( the largest newspaper in Aceh)  was signed by Mawardy, along with the city’s chief prosecutor, Idham Pandu Lubis, Banda Aceh Police Chief Sr. Comr. Armensyah Thay and Kasim Sheikh, a top leader of the provincial capital’s Ulema Consultative Assembly (MPU).

Mawardy is quite unashamed of his plans to brain-wash any minority members who do turn themselves in. “We ideally want them to report to us, so that we can rehabilitate them and teach them to follow the right path….Those members who come forward will be put in some of our boarding schools or educational centers where they will receive guidance in correct Islamic teachings for a month or so, and leave these Millata Abraham beliefs,” Mawardy said. “The members who have converted to Islam also need to report for guidance,” he said. “Who knows whether or not they have actually left Millata Abraham without proper guidance from us?”

God, what an arrogant SOB! ‘US?’  Who gave US the unique gift of interpreting God’s Will? Mawardy, you make me want to puke.

And his cavalier disregard for his intended victims was made all too obvious, when reporters asked about risks of Islamonazi brutality against anybody whose details were circulated among the general public.

“That is their  responsibility. We have, after all, already given them an opportunity to report in secret to the Islamic affairs office.”

Millata Abraham does not practice cannibalism or human sacrifice, or anything that any normal, sane person would regard as ‘bad.’

The only reason that Mawardy and the other primitives up there are uptight is because the minority, like most people in the world, doesn’t recognize the Prophet Muhammad, and because they only pray once a day.

Readers will recall that the process of bullying these innocents into Islam began when their leader recanted ‘of his own free will’ after a revelatory dream  -WHILE FACING A FIVE YEAR JAIL SENTENCE FOR BLASPHEMY!


Since then, some daft dork was reported as promoting Aceh as a tourist destination -for sadists, presumably.


Truly, Aceh is an evil place.

And of course, as our photos remind us, little teens caught cuddling their boy-friends are flogged by an diabolical cowards, hooded and masked.

Sharia police officers have interpreted the broadly worded “seclusion” law to prohibit merely sitting and talking in a “quiet” space with a member of the opposite sex to whom one is not married or related, regardless of whether there is evidence of intimacy.

Even humble workmen who play cards for a few cents suffer the same fate.

But here we go once more, a clutch of candidates for high office, and not one stands for freedom of thought, not one voice raised against the sexist iniquity that drags girls off in paddy-wagons for wearing tight jeans or letting their lovely locks be seen unshrouded by the hideous head-scarf badge of subjugation.

But now they’re having their elections, and not one of the candidates is campaigning for freedom – quite the contrary, they appear to be almost vying with each ither to see how primitive they can sound.

And judging from the JP report, here’s the winner.

“The implementation of Islamic sharia in Aceh has not been as well as expected. We have to uphold the truth and destroy evil before conducting other programs,” said Ahmad Tajudin, an independent gubernatorial candidate from the Islamic boarding school, known as pesantren….Ahmad himself is an Ulema chairing a pesantren in Seulimum, Aceh Besar regency. Wearing attire similar to that regularly worn in Iran, he was confident about winning the election.

Well, heck, that sure is a great mullah costume. And his running mate – far-out!


That’s the man, on the left.

Besides sharia, Ahmad also offered other programs, mainly for the strengthening of the ulema position as one of the major ways for Aceh to advance.  By strengthening the position of ulemas, according to Ahmad, there will be high hopes that the ulemas will contribute in various fields, including the economy and culture based on the appropriate implementation of sharia.

For new readers, I should point out that these ulemas, which is usually, ludicrously, translated as ‘scholars,’ are almost always at the forefront of the most infantile examples of Acehnese intolerance, though to be fair the shariah gestapo are not far behind, obviously in need of victims to justify their job as an Islamist goon-squad. God help young women who fall into their hands. One such was brutally gang-raped -yes, by the RELIGIOUS police! -and the shariah rapists got off with kid-glove sentences.

Jakarta Globe 16th July, 2010 – The Langsa District Court in East Aceh on Thursday sentenced two members of the Shariah Police to eight years in prison each for the rape and torture of a 20-year-old female student in January…less than the maximum 12-year jail term demanded by prosecutors, who argued that as members of the Shariah Police, also known as Wilayatul Hisbah, the defendants should have better morals.

Prosecutor Sayed Muhammad had previously pointed out that the offenders, Muhammad Nazir, 29, and Feri Agus, 28, had taken turns raping the woman in a detention cell with another officer in the early hours of Jan. 8. The third suspect, Dedy Setiawan, 27, is still at large…Judge Lukman Bachmid said on Thursday that both men had received the eight-year sentences because of the harm and trauma inflicted on the victim…eight years was “relatively heavy” compared to verdicts in other parts of the country for similar offenses.
“The defendants had never committed a crime before, they were always polite during the trial and they are the breadwinners for their families,” he said.


Always polite…scum!

Okay, back to the candidate we were examining.

“We will return to the golden days of Aceh as a prosperous region which was known due to the past glory of Islam,” he said. 

In fact, in its hey-day, although indeed Muslim, 17th  Century Aceh was ruled by several outstanding queens. Nowadays you get morons up there who don’t want a woman to serve as local parish council chairman.

“‘Women Unfit to Lead’ Says Acehnese District Council Chairman,” Jakarta Globe, October 8th, 2010

Banda Aceh. In a move criticized as an insult to the dignity of women, an Aceh district speaker has called for the replacement of a female subdistrict head, arguing that women were unfit to lead under Islamic law.

Ridwan Muhammad, the Bireuen district council chairman, said on Thursday that the move against Anisah, head of Plimbang subdistrict, was prompted by complaints from the public.

“It’s what the people and the clerics … are calling for,” he told the Jakarta Globe. “According to Shariah, a woman is prohibited from becoming a leader.” Ridwan said Anisah’s appointment as subdistrict chief in April had caused a rift in the community, “with one side supporting her and the other against her.”

The council had received petitions from both camps, he said. “Rather than allow this rift to lead to social unrest, we’ve asked the district head to replace Anisah,” he said.

That sums it up -right or wrong, hang with the rabble. Possibly the key to the current candidates’ eagerness to collaborate with a primitive  code.

“I’ll admit she’s deft and quite competent, but in order to avoid riots, we advise that she be replaced immediately,” Ridwan said. He added that the Bireuen district council had already met with the district head, Nurdin Abdul Rahman, to discuss the issue.  “Nurdin didn’t make any decision during the meeting; perhaps he needs more time to consider it.

Nurdin could not be reached for comment. Meanwhile, Anisah said most of the criticism directed at her had come from two district councilors from the Aceh Party, which dominates the local legislature, who objected to a female subdistrict head.

Ridwan is also from the Aceh Party. “They’ve raised the issue in their Friday prayer sermons at mosques, which is what provoked the people,” she said, declining to name the councillors.

Another typical moral cop-out here, say what bad guys are up to, but don’t ID the slugs!

“Perhaps they’re unaware that a subdistrict head isn’t a leadership post, but only an extension of the district administration’s authority,” Anisah said.

What the heck? It doesn’t matter a monkey’s if she is in a leadership or an admin post! Anisha is acquiescing in shariah mediaevality by talking like that.

She claimed that Nurdin had encouraged her to stay.

Evi Narti Zain, executive director of the human rights coalition HAM Aceh, said Ridwan’s move discriminated against women and was a violation of basic human rights.

Gone, long gone, are the days of the good queens, though some Acehnese no doubt take pride still in their heritage. But I’m sure the ulemas put in charge of culture could soon re-write history to fix that. 

Similar development programs based on sharia were also offered by the four other candidate pairs. However, even though each of them had their own programs, none of them forgot about the products related to sharia.

What a hellish prospect for the decent people in Aceh who must be ashamed of the province’s reputation for benighted bigotry.

Not one candidate prepared to stand up and offer a way forward out of the Dark Ages – on the contrary, with Achmad in the lead, they are gearing up to make Aceh even more backward!