Ahmadis ‘Repenting,’ Unforced, Of Course – The Canadian Way, Ambassador Clugston?

Jamaah Ahmadiyah Cianjur Tobat

Conversions Unforced?!?

Pikiran Rakyat last week 27/3 reported news that surely must weigh on the conscience of Canada’s Ambassador here – the ‘conversion’ of a group of Ahmadis.

Ambassador Clugston Mackenzie earlier this month indulged in a collaborationist outburst, praising the oppressive discrimination against the harmless minority as a ‘peaceful way of handling’ the issue.


   Many Canadians were shocked, by not just their Ambassador’s failure to condemn the persecution, but his actual commendation of a state policy of discrimination.

Now some practical consqequences of what he likes so much have made the news,for ‘at least ten of the Ahmadiyah in the villages of Salagedang and Sukadana Cibeber, in Cianjur, have declared themselves to Islam.’

This ‘conversion’  took place under the supervision of the local Chairman of the MUI (Indonesia Ulemas Council), Abdul Halim in the Office of the BAZ (Badan Amil Zakat) Cianjur, on Tuesday.
Pikiran Rakyat added that the occasion was ‘welcomed‘ not only by the MUI, but also by ‘the Ministry of Religious Affairs, BAZ, and the Coordinating Board for Monitoring Mystical Beliefs in Society (Bakor Pakem).

As regular readers know, that ludicrously named Bakor Pakem is an arm of the state aimed at harassing and suppressing beliefs that don’t meet with the approval of the Islamic establishment.

So, with the Ministry, we have two branches of the government apparatus openly declaring their discriminatory position, ‘welcoming’ so-called ‘repentance’ by people who had been perfectly content as they were until all this witch-hunting that Ambassador Mackenzie Clugston thinks so highly of.

Sorry, correction, three state bodies – that BAZ is also a government echelon – I just checked, and it has its own government website.

Conversions certainly come under the MUI’s area of responsibility, as a religious body, but how come the state is up to its neck in this ‘repentance’ project.


No discrimination, Mr. Ambassador?

Have you pangs of conscience about this? Do you truly swallow the official line that these people are un-coerced?

Oh, yes, there’s a carrot as well as a stick, with BAZ offering scholarships to ‘converts,’ but is that in any way morally more acceptable?

You know the score, what Ahmadiyyah followers face here,


Here’s a picture of what happens when Ahmadis keep the faith.

Here’s a picture of an Ahmadi Koran, burned by Islamist savages.

Here’s a picture of what happens to Ahmadis when cops stand back and let Islamist bigots do their worst.


How about it, Mr. Ambassador?

You talked nonsense that day and you know it.

Your words could most kindly be described as ill-informed prejudice.

Apologise, please. No more white-washing of religious discrimination.

Represent Canada.