Nice Ruling, as US Judges Back Voters’ Ban on So-Called ‘Affirmative Action!’

An unusual (for me) round of applause for a North American court – the three-judge panel of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals!

After Canada’s Supreme Court ruled last month that Indians/Amerindians/Aboriginal Canadians, whatever you want to call them (except Native Canadians, which by any logic means any Canadian born in Canada!) should be given special treatment no matter how heinous their crimes, some American judges have shown a very different attitude to that of their racist Canadian counterparts.

The US Court, unanimously, ruled that the excellent Proposition 209, passed by Californian voters in 1996, banning so-called ‘afffirmative action’ for admissions to state colleges and universities, is constitutionally valid and cannot be interdicted by the clique of agitators which has waged relentless war on the people’s decision.



The idea that less gifted, or even downright dimwit, applicants should squeeze into college over the heads of bright lads and lasses, purely on the basis of race or colour,  smacks of apartheid South Africa, a system once decried ferociously by left-libs.

But left-libs are nowadays prone to their own form of racism and, having lost out at the ballot-box and now in the courts, the pinkos are falling back on Hitlerian tactics of intimidation and mayhem.

Who says?

They do!

Some leftist bint named Donna Stern, national co-ordinator of an agitprop outfit called ‘By Any Means Necessary’  – that says it all, doesn’t it? – told the WT that they’d continue their court fight to get their favoured model of racial discrimination imposed against the electorate’s clearly expressed wishes.


   Stern – Funny How She Looks Exactly as You’d Expect!


But, she warned, regardless of court rulings, they were ‘working to build popular support for affirmative action through protests and public-education events….’really, in order to win these cases, it’s going to take a mass movement, including occupations and sit-downs, demanding that admissions procedures and policies change to provide opportunity for Latino, African-American and Native American students.”

If clever kids from those groups can make the grade on their own merits, good luck to them. But any who gain entry to halls of learning via ‘affirmative action,’ or through the anti-democratic strategies outlined by Stern, will rightly be held in contempt by genuinely able students

And all employers should scrutinise closely whatever qualifications they might obtain – they are second-raters, basically academic queue-jumpers, knowingly keeping out worthwhile candidates, and thus lacking in integrity as well as ability…