Pembunuhan dan Perkosaan Livia – A Student Strangled By Racists, Her Corpse Raped? HUKUM MATI, PASTI!

I reprint part of a local news report first, so Indonesian readers are tuned into my indignation, which would have been incandescent anyway, but all the more so, since the victim was a student at Binus University, where I have had many friends among both staff and students. My headline?

The Murder and Rape of Livia?- DEATH PENALTY, Surely?

Non-Indonesian-speakers, please skip down for my own comments.

EMPAT pelaku tindak kejahatan perampokan, pembunuhan dan pemerkosaan terhadap Livia Pavita Soelistio, mahasiswi Universitas Bina Nusantara (Binus) pada Selasa 16 Agustus 2011 lalu, dituntut hukuman penjara seumur hidup oleh Jaksa Penuntut Umum (JPU) di Pengadilan Negeri (PN), Jakarta Barat, Selasa (20/9)…

Dalam pembacaan yang memakan waktu kurang lebih satu setengah jam itu, Didik Hariyanto mengatakan, dalam fakta yang terungkap di lapangan, dan 18 saksi yang ada, empat pelaku tindakan pidana tersebut telah bersalah melakukan tindakan kejahatan perampokan, pembunuhan dan pemerkosaan. Tidak hanya itu, sebelum melakukan tindakan tersebut, keempat pelaku dalam keadaan sadar telah merencanakan tindakan kejahatan tersebut secara matang. Sehingga, dapat diperoleh salah satu korban yang dimasukkan ke dalam angkot M 24 jurusan Srengseng-Slipi warna biru telur asin…

“Kami cari cewek cina, kalau melawan lo yang megang kakinya, gue yang megang tangannya, “ kata Didik Hariyanto menirukan ucapan salah satu terdakwa.

Tidak hanya menyalahi KUHP, dalam tindakan kejahatan tersebut, keempat pelaku telah menimbulkan keresahan kepada kaum perempuan yang menggunakan sarana angkutan umum. Apalagi dalam kejadian tersebut salah satu terdakwa adalah sopir angkutan tersebut. “Dalam perkara ini, menyatakan empat pelaku tersebut dituntut penjara seumur hidup dan membayar persidangan sebesar Rp 2 ribu rupiah,” tuturnya.

Sementara itu, Restu Sri Utomo, kuasa hukum empat pelaku tindak kejahatan perampokan, pembunuhan dan pemerkosaan mengaku keberatan dengan tuntutan JPU. Pasalnya keempat tersangka tersebut memiliki peran yang berbeda-beda. “Tentunya hukuman yang diberikan kepada mereka disesuaikan, kami akan mengajukan keberatan,” paparnya.

Menang gapi hal tersebut keluarga Livia Pavita Soelistio yang hadir dalam persidangan merasa keberatan dengan tuntutan tersebut. Mereka meminta keempat pelaku dituntut hukuman mati. “Kami tidak terima, mereka harus dihukum mati,” ungkap Yusni Chandra sambil meneteskan air mata.


Interesting to note that the racist aspect of the case, reported above –Kami cari cewek cina – ‘We were looking for a Chinese girl” – was omitted from the Jakarta Post report this morning, which incensed me enough anyway.

Here’s Livia, a bright young lady who had a bright future. Presumably if she hadn’t been a Chinese ethnic, she’d be alive today.



Livia boarded a microlet, one of those blue minivans, an M24, which I myself often use,  on an August afternoon last year, to go to her classes at Bina Nusantara University. Her ravaged corpse was found a week later in a drain.


Four men were eventually arrested, and their own lawyer confirms what they did.


  Irwan Soleh, 22, Rohman Setiawan, 20; Muhammad Fahri, 19; and Apriyadi, 22
“My clients only intended to rob Livia of her cellular phones and cash. It was not until the victim screamed and tried to escape from the minivan that my clients killed her. My clients panicked,” he told the trial, presided over by judge Sigit Hariyanto.
Restu, appointed by the court to defend the accused, said his clients might be guilty of killing Livia, but should not have been charged with premeditated murder.

So the defence thinks that fifteen years is enough, because the quartet didn’t bring any “special tools” to kill the 20-year-old, hence it wasn’t pre-meditated!

Well, that’s okay then. Without ‘special tools,’ they had to fall back on two ropes, handily found in the microlet, to strangle Livia, who brought it on herself, of course, for she ‘screamed and tried to escape.’

That’s their lawyer speaking, remember, not me.

I wish I could have a word with him – I go past the West Jakarta Court, where this trial is going on, most days.


West Jakarta Court


Sorry, folks, but I just get angrier and angrier as I read this pap.

So these four creatures were so ‘panicked’ that they had to MURDER the innocent girl.

So then somebody got so panicked – who, pray tell me? – that he, or they, RAPED HER DEAD BODY, prior to, still panicked of course, concealing it in a drain, a long way away, in Tangerang, outside Jakarta city limits.

Are we talking about human beings or animals? No, animals are better than that.

I use this kind of transport most every day and have yet to notice ropes lying around in any of them. But then maybe somebody figured it would get stuck in a ditch that day and need to be hauled out.

Prosecutors have demanded that the court sentence the men to life imprisonment for premeditated murder and robbery.

However, members of Livia’s family, who were not in the courtroom on Tuesday, said that they wanted the court to order the defendants executed.


    I go with the family view, and not with Yuli, a relative of Fahri.  “He just followed the other men. He’s just a young man who doesn’t know about the consequences of his crime,” she said.

What? He didn’t know that putting a rope around a girl’s neck, and tightening it, might just somehow result in her strangling to death?

Sadly, the prosecution does not appear to share the family’s opinion. But suppose they did, and sensible death sentences were handed down.

Those of us who are sick and tired of ignorant and arrogant foreign diplomats, who misrepresent the people of the countries whose taxes pay their salaries, would have to wait and see if any UK diplomats would stick their highly-paid snouts into the case.

In the recent past we had some sticky-beak ambassadorial minion from Her Britannic Majesty’s Embassy telling Indonesians how backward they were to retain the death penalty.

No mention of the fact that Brits were denied a referendum on the issue, purely because MPs in the Old Country knew their soppy pinko ideology would get a slap in the face from an affronted electorate.

If the UK Government and its collaborators in the EUSSR had had their wretched way, the Bali Pig Trio would not have been given their just desserts, would still be lounging around giving interviews from prison, justifying their foul slaughter of all those young folk ten years ago.

And if those convicted did face capital punishment, who’d go to bat to save their stinking skins? The good ole EUSSR!

( backed up, no doubt, by  Amnesty International’s agitators )

Such people seem to have neither conscience about wicked crime nor qualms about gross interference in Indonesian internal affairs, hardly a fit and proper role for diplomatic hirelings.