So Dangdut King Slams Sexy Singers? What’s Worse – Exotic Beauty or Islamist Bigotry?

I had a lazy day yesterday, till late arvo, when it was time to get into town and enjoy Jakarta’s delights once more, but just as I was preparing to go forth, Trans TV had a programme about the Trio Macan, the Tigress Trio, a dangdut group whom I have often mentioned here, usually just as an excuse to feature a photo or two of the lovelies.

 See what I mean?

The girls have split up and re-formed, but remain a joy to behold, and I’ve checked the web and found a few more photos to brighten Western readers chilly Easter holidays.

But suddenly the self-righteous fizzog of the ‘King of Dangdut appeared on the screen, whining that ‘erotic’ performances such as the Trio Macan’s were giving the genre a ‘negative stigma.’

I was busily putting out the cat and donning my batik shirt, so couldn’t catch all that was said, but he got me annoyed enough to check today and found this report about a similar outburst from King Rhoma, who has no small opinion of himself.


Rhoma Irama says they’re ‘ruining dangdut!’

JAKARTA, PESATNEWS – Rhoma Irama deplores the persistence of the sale of obscene and erotic style clothing to look sexy dangdut music as exhibited by Trio Macan….he commented when interviewed on the show ‘Go Spot’ RCTI, on Thursday (29/3) morning. “Dressing sexily and shimmying erotically has ruined dangdut music,” said the Chairman of Persatuan Artis Musik Melayu-Dangdut Indonesia (the Association of Malay-Indonesian Artists ).

Well, no, Rhoma, it hasn’t. The Trans TV programme showed the torrid Tigresses playing to a huge and happy crowd, and it’s a joy to see Indonesians, almost all of them Muslim, of course, demonstrating, by their enthusiasm for these girls, their utter disdain for that ignoramus Suryadharma Ali and his arrogant claim that narrow shariah priggery represents ‘general criteria.’

Jakarta Globe 28/3
“We think that there should be general criteria [on how women should dress], for example women’s skirts should pass their knees,” Suryadharma said.



But let’s stick to Rhoma

According to him, if you want to be famous, but with a negative image, then this is not good.

But Rhoma, you are famous. You even went to the USA to promote dangdut, and that is good. But did you tell your American audiences that you are the worst sort of religious bigot, openly demanding the suppression of religious liberty in Indonesia?

from  Dangdut King Rhoma Irama supports Minister of Religious Affairs Ali Suryadharma request that Ahmadiyah be disbanded….“Ahmadiyah is not a matter of religious freedom, but blasphemy, because Ahmadiyah raises a new prophet after the Prophet Muhammad,” said Rhoma as Chairman of the Central Board Forum Silaturrahmi Ta’mir Mosque and Mosque DPP Fahmi Tamami, Friday (09/03/2010).
“The Islamic world has declared that Ahmadiyya is heretical, so why not disband Ahmadiyah Indonesia?” Rhoma said again. He worried that  if their teaching was not dissolved, the conflict would widen. “It’s a ticking time bomb that could explode at any moment,” he said.

So if religious liberty gets uptight Islamists all hot n bothered, out it goes – yuck, what a sickening sectarian!

Well, Rhoma, it did explode, with the brutal murder of three Ahmadi Martyrs at Cikeusik, just a few months later, and I don’t recall you protesting at the risibly lame sentences imposed on the islamist scum responsible.

Back to the original Pesatnews report.

He declared there are dangdut musicians whose appearances are vulgar, even almost naked…he hoped PAMMI can change the erotic image of dangdut music and eradicate the eroticism of dangdut in Indonesia. “This is not just fooling around. The dangers of eroticism and pornography are deadly. In Indonesia, since this eroticism emerged,  every year there are 3 million abortions,” he warned.

So now the girls get the blame for abortions too. How fatuous can you get?

Have a look at these threats to Indonesia! video link –


If Rhoma Irama’s concerned about protecting the welfare of the naton’s women, maybe he should speak up aganst those nasty old geezers in the MUI who think female circumcision is such a fine idea.