Turkish Blackmail on Crimmigration, as Greeks Betrayed by EUSSR

Reduced to little better than a protectorate by the EUSSR, Greece is NOT going to be protected from the flood of crimmigrants which, in the words of one Cabinet Minister in Athens, threatens ‘the very essence of social peace.’



Citizen Protection Minister Micalis Chrisochoidis was pointedly put down by the arrogant Euro-Commissar Cecilia Malmstrom, when he visited Brussels last week.

As EUObserver describes the scene, the Swedish pinko stood beside Mr. Chrisochoidis as ‘he painted a picture of society almost at breaking point due to the thousands of migrants who make their way from, traditionally, Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan but now, since the Arab Spring, also Morocco, Algeria and Syria. “The very essence of social peace is being questioned by this terrible humanitarian crisis. Greece is no longer ready to accept this time bomb in the foundation of its society.’

All those nationalities mentioned that pour across from Turkey would undoubtedly be better off staying there. In terms of culture and customs, not least shariah law, they would fit into the re-Islamised society currently being constructed by Erdogan’s government.

The Greeks are building a wall to block the crimmigrant influx.

  • This sort of barrier is the last hope of beleaguered Greece

But with all the indifference of Lancelot to the Lady of Shalott, Malmstrom reminded him and the rest of the dignitaries present that Brussels had dismissed the desperate Greeks’ bid to stem the tide. “We have not considered that as a priority. It’s a national project.”

Callous Commissar Malmstrom

The heedless attitude of Malmstrom and all the Eurocrats is all the more offensive because Greece has oftimes been castigated by other European leaders for its failure to defend its boundaries against the estimated 130,000 illegals who swarmed into Europe from Turkey last year alone.

And of course Turkey, whether, as EUObs suggests, to squeeze a softer visa deal from the West or, almost more likely, serving a hidden agenda to bolster its own Islamist fifth column in the West, is as guilty as sin in this mess.

Some of the country’s refugee issues would be helped if neighbouring Turkey signed a readmission agreement – involving taking back migrants – with the EU. But Turkey has let the readmission pact – technically-speaking, ready to be signed for the past two years – gather dust as it waits for the EU to first open visa liberalisation talks.

Blackmail! And this is the Turkish regime embraced by Cast-Iron Cameron just a few months ago, that he wants to make part of the EUSSR, with unrestricted migration into Europe!

Cameron and Turkey’s Erdogan


How dare the Turks resort to blackmail, allowing parasitic hordes to flow through their country into a stricken Greece then, when illegals are caught, refuse to take them back? What they’re doing is an openly hostile act and should be countered by the navies of the Western European powers. The undesirable aliens should be loaded onto ships and deposited back onto Turkish shores. Or maybe ask the Israelis to help!

That would make a heck of a lot more sense than the nattering nitwit Malmstrom, who had the cheek to tell the Greeks that “We need more reception centres. We need to address the humanitarian situation where people who are applying for asylum can get decent treatment.”

Actually, I doubt she is truly a nitwit, smart enough for sure to realise that the more facilities you provide for these people, the more of them will join the flood.

She is part and parcel of the multicult project, eager to achieve melt-down of each nation’s historic identity, all the easier then to subjugate to Eurocracy.



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