A Perversion of Education – Rhode Island Pinks Wage War on Normality

      Some of you will have read of this mural, a simple work of art by a teenager showing a boy’s progression to manhood, but it is apparently an affront to the twisted minds of certain clowns allowed to hold positions of responsibility in one school in Rhode island.


    Pilgrim High, Warwick, Rhode Island


Why? Because the lad in the mural marries a lass and has a child via a normal heterosexual union.

I quote from FRC 11/4

Rhode Island is a small state with a big censorship problem. Last week, high school junior Liz Bierendy was putting the finishing touches on a sketch for the hallway mural when an assistant principal stopped her. The design was too controversial, he insisted, because it included the picture of a married man and woman.

HUH?  Is this guy nuts”

According to the school officials, the image was offensive    because it “may not represent the life experiences of many of the students at Pilgrim High School.” Liz’s idea was to show the life journey of a young boy to adulthood, ending with the scene of a husband, wife, and son with wedding rings over their heads. After the complaint of a single student, administrators ordered a custodian to paint over the offending section of Liz’s mural until she could find “alternative ways” to show the progression to adulthood…

So one degenerate student whines, one sicko assistant principal kow-tows, and full-scale censorship swings into action? And this in a state where the pervert agenda has not even managed to by-pass democracy and impose so-called ‘gay’ so-called ‘marriage!

Would these school ‘administrators‘ be happier if she’d painted another two murals, one featuring bestiality, another a picture of capering deviants, just to provide a balanced range of ‘life experiences?

People wonder how the homosexual agenda could possibly affect them? Well, this is a perfect illustration. Americans are free to “love” whom they choose, but the freedoms of religion, of expression, and of speech cannot coexist in a culture that forces the public affirmation of homosexuality.

However, there’s a sort of happy ending.

        Liz Beriendy

Something has to give–and all too often, that something is traditional values. Fortunately for Liz, Superintendent Peter Horoschak felt enough blowback from the local community to step in. He overruled the school’s administrators and said it was time to let Bierendy “finish her vision.”

Well, good that Mr. Horoschak has some sense, but there should be follow-up action aimed at replacing those pinko ratbags who clearly have no idea how to run a school.

In loco parentis? They’re just plumb loco!