Cameron’s Cleavage Curbed by Shariah Censors?

No, this is not another post bashing Cast-Iron ( above) for his abominable performance as Prime Minister of the UK. DC gets enough coverage here.

Instead, I felt I should comment on the delightful Ms. Cameron Diaz, who co-starred in the film The Mask with Jim Carrey. It surfaced on Sunday night on Trans TV, a channel notorious for endless re-runs of old movies.


As you can see, it was obvious even then that the actress had a promising future in front of her.

I wasn’t paying much attention to the film, being busy preparing Monday morning blog-stuff, but needless to say, my eyes did stray to the screen when the delectable lady appeared.

But lo, what should I see when my peripheral vision drifted to the area below her graceful neck?

A smokey rectangular patch on the screen, plainly designed to prevent appreciation of those star qualities evident in the photo above.

Now, to be fair, I have no quarrel with the Censorship Board if it does what any TV censor is meant to do, keep pornography and obscenity off the air.

I think it was one of those Terminator movies that had a beautful female robot from the future arrive stark naked in our era, and of course the ‘private parts’ were ‘opaqued’ in the same way as described above.

Okay, we of the West see all manner of boobs and bums in our cinemas, but Indonesia has its own standards. Full-frontals, or full-backals, are not on. and that’s up to them.

But cleavage?

 Dewi Persik

Indonesian stars and starlets and singers and models are constantly flitting across out television sets with rivetting displays of thighs, navels and, yes, cleavage. There is nothing obscene or pornographic about any of those – except in the narrow minds of the shariah-freaks.

Does Trans TV now deem it necessary to pander to that sort of mediaeval mentality?

No, for Trans TV every weekday evening has a show called Kakek2 Narsis (Narcissistic Grampas) which only apparently exists to allow a nightly flow of gorgeous guests in micro-mini-skirts with regular dashes of cleavage too.

So the villain ain’t Trans. Trans shows the dreaded thigh, despite knowing full well that such upper legs are at least as wounding to the eye of a goat-bearded twit as is a glimpse of bosom. All fall within the haram category of aurat!

So it must be the national censorship body! How come it obscures not private parts but aurat, those admirable areas that Islamist ignoramuses abhor but are never regarded as in any way unacceptable by normal people?

Maybe local readers can enlighten us.