Flemish Bid to Flush Bludgers Riles Brussels Pinkos

EUObserver 10/4 reported that the Vlaams Belang, the Flemish nationalist party, ‘has launched a website inciting people to denounce migrants suspected of criminal activity, such as working on the black or abusing social security benefits.

Funny turn of phrase there, for the EUObs is usually good at fair reporting.   Incitement is an extremely negative word, suggesting egging people on to do violence or other hateful things. However…


Spearheaded by a Flemish nationalist politician from Antwerp, Filip Dewinter, the project aims to collect tip-offs from anonymous citizens and pass them on to the police. Dewinter in a statement published on Tuesday (10 April) said the Belgian government is “sweeping under the carpet” problems caused by migrants, who are at the same time being “pampered and spoiled.”

Sounds like, far from ‘incitement,’ that this is a positive and public-spirited exercise!  But what do we hear from the Belgian Establishment?

A spokeswoman for Belgian interior minister Joelle Milquet told EUobserver that the Dewinter webpage is “illegal” and that the matter is being handled by the ministry of justice. “It is an invasion of privacy. It is not up to citizens to take the place of the police,” she said.




And what about non-citizens who take the bread out of ctizens’ mouths? Milquet is a disgrace. Any sane government would welcome help from the public to snare parasites.

Meanwhile, the director of Belgium’s Centre for Equal Opportunities and Opposition to Racism, Jozef De Witte, told Belgian radio that Dewinter “wants to shock and provoke.” He likened the initiative to Nazi practices in the 1930s and to the Stasi secret police in East Germany in the Communist period.


De Witte Should Study History

More like a half-wit!

The Nazis and the Communists used secret police to harass and persecute resistance to the ruling ideology. That kind of resistance appears to be exactly what Dewinter represents!   What is ‘shocking and provocative’ is how a small country like Belgium has had to spend its tax=payers’ money ‘struggling with an overcrowded asylum system.’

More fool the regime that lets them in!

Seems Dewinter modelled his plan on the similar set-up Geert Wilders got going in Holland a while ago. And of course the rat-bag multiculters want to stamp out responsible opposition to uninvited alien bludgers asap! Back to the good ole ‘European Parliament!’

On 15 March MEPs from all political groups – aside from the nationalist EFD group – backed a resolution describing it as an “ill-intentioned initiative aimed at creating divisions within the society…
The best way to avoid divisions in any society is to kick out crimmigrants, and those who won’t adapt – and erase every vestige of state multicultery.