Don't Shop in ICELAND Till Hell Freezes – IRA Grovel-Rats!

When I used to live in the UK, I often shopped in my Cambridgeshire branch of Iceland, but if I ever go back there, I won’t touch that store with a barge-pole.
They have given a new meaning to the retail concept of sell-out.

Iceland UK or Iceland IRA?


Seems they’ve been trying to improve their share of the market with a competition to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee – but the vile creatures running the company covered that up, no access for Ulster customers, the better to cater to disloyal Sinn Fein fanatics in the Falls Road and other undesirable areas. No entry to the contest for Brits in Ulster? No way!

Confronted by good people unhappy with this subversive agenda, Iceland weaseled out and owned up, after a group of patriots engaged a solicitor to pursue the issue.

Iceland Doesn’t Want to Lose IRA Customers!


On Monday, London-based solicitor Simon McIlwaine sent a letter to the chief executive of Iceland – on behalf of a number of Ulster shoppers – threatening legal action if the matter is not resolved.

Mr McIlwaine said while Ulster stores were initially excluded from the competition, in favour of a two-minute trolley dash, the situation changed last Saturday.

“What has happened subsequently on Facebook is that Iceland have said they have changed the rules and residents in Northern Ireland can now apply and enter the competition,” he said.

What the heck? That’s not good enough! They need to issue a public apology to decent Ulsterfolk! Especially since there are special rules, clearly discriminating against the British population of the most loyal part of Britain.

“But we understand they have to email for a code and get the code to enter the competition. The nub of the current complaint is this: it would appear that on the mainland, promotional literature is given out enabling people to enrol in the competition. The question is, how are the customers in Northern Ireland to hear about the competition if promotional literature is not being made available in the store?”

Jeffrey Donaldson MP

DUP MP Jeffrey Donaldson said: “In Great Britain you can walk into an Iceland shop and enter this competition but if you live in Northern Ireland you can’t do it in your local store – you have to apply by email online. “It is pretty clear Iceland are keen to avoid offending certain people who don’t share our British traditions and culture in Northern Ireland.”

The Lagan Valley MP said he felt it was “unfortunate in this age of respect and tolerance the company is treating other loyal citizens of Northern Ireland in this way”.

Mr Donaldson did indeed raise the issue, and the response from Iceland was nauseating.

…an area manager for Iceland in Northern Ireland, Stephen McCavery, said: “Originally it was the intention of the company to run a competition for the Jubilee. The prize was that someone in every store would win party food for a street party. For obvious reasons we knew in some areas of Northern Ireland that would be very popular and in other areas it wouldn’t be.”

Look, McCavery, if you want to cater to republican rats as well as honest citizens, best you hie yerself to Dublin..

“If people wanted to use it for a Jubilee party, fair enough, and if they wanted to use it for something else, fair enough,” he said.

They can sod off!

“One of our great aims with the stores in Northern Ireland is that they are politically neutral. It is not our job to get involved in the politics of Northern Ireland. All we want to do is sell chips and peas.”

Sell your mess of potage where you can, McCavery – thirty pieces of silver is the going rate for British companies that wheel and deal with renegades.  IT’S NOT POLITICS, IDIOT, IT’S PATRIOTISM.

He said when they picked up from their Facebook site that customers wanted a Jubilee competition in Northern Ireland, the company reacted by “opening the competition to the people of Northern Ireland”.

How bright, Iceland UK, to realise eventually that Ulster is part of the UK. What crass idiots Iceland management are!