Jakarta Ratbags, London Scumbags – Never Say RRA Isn’t Fair!

Right, we have lambasted, or at least complained about, one or two candidates for the Governorship of Jakarta.

But we are nothing if not impartial.

Galloway with Saddam

Here’s what Conservative Home says about two candidates for London Mayor!!!

…unsurpassable though Galloway’s hypocrisy is, Livingstone has done his best to match it. Here we have a Labour candidate for mayor of London, who worked for Press TV, the propaganda channel of an Iranian theocracy that engages in the judicial murder of homosexuals, the oppression of women, the terrorising of the democratic opposition, the imprisonment of the trade union leaders British Labour politicians once supported, Holocaust denial and Jew hatred.

Livingstone and IRA’s McGuinness

Livingstone took the dictatorship’s money and limited his taxes by pushing his earnings through a private company. I have heard many accusations against George Galloway, nearly all of them true, but no one has claimed that he had condemned tax avoiders for being “rich bastards” who “should not be allowed to vote”, as the rich Livingstone did, while avoiding tax himself.

And don’t forget Livingstone’s pro-IRA diatribes. Corruption is bad, but giving aid and comfort to the enemies of your country cannot be forgiven,

Okay, Conservative Home does a good job, but is only going to go after vermin like Livingstone and Galloway.

The Conserative is no better, worse perhaps, in that he has shown he knows that Islamists are evil and ‘gays’ are worthless undesirables, yet he has u-turned on both issues. So the other villain in this story is a lying two-faced Tory toe-rag, Boris Johnson. He used to pretend he was rightwing, but he is a no-good, a turn-coat, who deserves to be outed and ousted.

Vote for any patriot in London – there are none listed among the above in the opinion polls, but there are plenty of others on the ballot paper.