“Pastor, I’ll Kill You!” – Death Threat by Islamist Thug – Police Walk Away

Just watch this. http://vimeo.com/40635927    

 The persecuted HKBP Christians of West Java, at Tambun, where I used to do my shopping now and then, facing a mob of ignorant Islamist savages, led by a ranting cleric, with full supporting cast of nasty louts and shrill, head-scarfed vixens.

The cop looks embarrased at his inability to control the scum, while the local government reps are a waste of space. One shot has one of those clowns sat on his bike keeping well out the way…. meanwhile morons play loud music to  drown the pastor out.


  Pastor Palti Faces The Fanatics


And towards the end, look at the filthy young bigot shrieking his death threats, as the policeman turns a deaf ear and wanders off!

And the rabble roar their Allahu Akbars, just as those brutal thugs did in Cikeusik last year, as they murdered the Ahmadi martys.

And people say it’s us conservatives who create Islamophobia?

A. Sunday morning in North Tambun
by Ferry’s son
2 weeks ago
“Palti Panjaitan, I’ll kill you!”
The scream of one of Ustad Naimun’s kids recorded on Sunday the 15th of April 2012 when he threatened to ‘kill’ the Reverend Palti Panjaitan if worship was held next week 22 April 2012.

Palti Panjaitan is a pastor who serves HKBP Filadelfia Church in North Tambun, Bekasi District.

I knew him as a patient and calm person.
Over the years, the Church of Philadelphia HKBP had its development inhibited by local government.
Over the years also they had no church for the congregation to worship in.

Various courts have issued a decision ordering the government to serve the Church of Philadelphia in building place of worship.

The government did not enforce it, but just hunted for rules to prohibit the construction of the Church.
Even the local cleric, who has supported the local government, turned harsher to disrupt the worship of the Church of Philadelphia.

Ustad Naimun’s group rather than having steps taken, was used to intimidate the Church.

There are complications in most of the government and the police in protecting its citizens.
Not only at the regional level, but at the central level is no less complicated.
Constitutional Court for instance.
Judicial Review Act 1965 PNPS 1 th of blasphemy was rejected by 8 judges. Only one judge (Maria Farida) are a sensible and fair according to the task.
The reasons of the 8 other judges (including its chairman Mahfud MD) were that the Act is still needed to quell the anger of the majority.
Though the task of the Constitutional Court is to assess whether the law is constitutional or not, instead they followed the argument that the law required so that the majority was not angry.

Pastor Palti is not only fighting for HKBP Filadelfia, but also fighting for the people of Indonesia, currently being pressured by the political imbroglio.