Police Block Worshippers’ Path – Islamist Hoodlums Harass Batak Christians

Those of you appalled at Islamist bigots sealing the innocent Ahmadis’ mosque in Tasikmalaya a few days ago, can now read another sorry saga, further proof of how both state officials and security forces are complicit in oppression, this time of a small CHRISTIAN congregation, again, of course, in that benighted province, West Java.

The Jakarta Globe 23/4 says that ‘after being forced by officials and police to hold their church service in a house instead of their church…

HKBP Church Sealed

What? It’s just the same as the Yasmin Church in Bogor! Is there no end to the sectarian evil that stalks this archipelago?

It’s been building up for years. 

Jakarta Post – 8 Aug 2010 – Hundreds of people from the Islam Defender Front (FPI) attacked members of the HKBP church in Pondok Indah Timur at Mustika Jaya district …

Soon enough after that, an HKBP elder was stabbed and a lady pastor clubbed by islamoNazi thugs.  



 And on the link in the previous post  https://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2012/04/23/pastor-ill-kill-you-death-threat-by-islamist-thug-police-walk-away/  you can see an Islamist lout threatening to murder the HKBP pastor in our post a few days ago, if the HKBP tried to worship again, clearly within ear-shot of a senior cop, who simply walked away.


Brave Pastor Palti

But the heroic Bataks did indeed resume their quest for their constitutional right to religious liberty. That pastor subsequently reported the death-threat at Mabes PolRi, National Police HQ.

But will action be taken to bring the swine in for trial?

Mabes PolRi Police HQ


Our National Police Chief is very keen on keepng on good terms with IslamoNazis.

National Police Chief Pradopo with Bekasi IslamoNazi FPI Gauleiter

He famously enjoyed the hospitality of the FPI shortly after he took office.


If it were just a bunch of hoodlums like the FPI, and the police were doing their best to control the thuggery, one could hope for improvement.

But as stated above, it was NOT the hoods who blocked the HKBP worshippers on Sunday morning.

About 100 members of the Filadelfia congregation of the Batak Christian Protestant Church (HKBP) arrived at their church on Sunday morning but were blocked from entering by members of Karawang public order (Satpol PP) officials and police officers. Instead, the church members were told to use a member’s house to hold the Mass.

Reluctantly – the Bataks are a brave breed of people, and tried to push past the cops – they went off to the house, but then they found themselves besieged by an Islamist mob.

A group of about 200 protestors went to the home where the service was being held and continued to assail the church members with chants, demanding that they leave the area…congregation members said they were terrified and could not concentrate on the Mass..

At least the uniforms held back the rabble, but where did the ratbags come from? Bussed in, like the GARIS gang in Bogor?

“We don’t know where they came from,” said Asima, a congregation member who lives in the area. “Surely they were not locals because I didn’t recognize them. We also don’t know who sent them….If there were no police officers guarding us, they would have attacked us,” she said.

Eventually, one public order officer fired one shot, and the scumbags backed off.

And that’s exactly what I’ve been saying, These anti-social Islamists will run like the rats they are if the cops made it clear they’d tolerate no nonsense.

So who’s telling the cops to hold off?

The local authorities out there are in violation of a Supreme Court ruling, much like the case of the Yasmin Christians in Bogor. These municipal cliques have no respect for the court ruling nor for their country’s constitutional guarantees of religious liberty. They are a disgrace to Indonesia.