EUSSR To Squeeze Nation-States’ Remaining Border Powers?



As Sarkozy scrabbles to regain the lead in the French election, we get a fresh reminder of the contempt for sovereignty that permeates the EUSSR ruling class. 

The President of France and the German Chancellor had their ministers release a joint letter challenging the current operation of the Schengen Border Arrangement, under which most borders are open but can be re-controlled by national governments for a month if deemed needful. In fact this power already exists, so the letter is seen as just a ploy to divert patriotic votes away from Marine Le Pen.


  Marine Le Pen


It may well have worked, but she came third (a good third, 17+% of the vote) and now Sarkozy is wooing those nationalist millions.

But what has been called an election ‘stunt’ by Merkel on her French pal’s behalf has brought to the surface a pending plan to strip every EU member state of their last vestige of border control, with the EUObserver 20/4 reporting that

‘ EU commission last year tried to change the provision so that after five days national governments must ask permission from Brussels to keep the border checks in place. The proposal was initially dismissed by interior ministers but is still under discussion.



Well, the discussions have been kept very quiet.

Is this an example of The Juncker Doctrine, enunciated a year or so back, when Jean-Claude Juncker, Chairman of the Eurogroup, was caught out lying about clandestine Eurocrat meetings and had the brass neck to state in public that “I am for secret, dark debates!”

Certainly Britain is not currently a part of Schengen, but is presumably party to the on-going very quiet talks. After his lies on the Lisbon Treaty Referendum, Cameron must be regarded as something of a Jucker soul-mate! And we know he will never willingly split from Brussels – or consult the people!



Anyway, watch out for June, when a review of these ‘discussions’ is due to surface, with no doubt another push to claw away what little control the historic peoples of Europe can still exercise over who enters and leaves their territory.