Hey, PPI! Jangan Kejam Sama Orang2 Kampung! Bright Day in Berlin!

 A delightful video today, with some young Indonesians putting their politicians on the spot in Berlin!


A bunch of legislators were tucking into a luncheon (paid for by themselves or the Indonesian people?) as part of one of the thier inevitable globe-trotting ‘missions,’ fact-finding trips that mysteriously require family members in tow, who presumably spend their time shopping or sight-seeing.



As indeed do many of the politicos. These trips are totally needless, as video conferencing eliminates any need for such extravagant jaunts. Unfortunately, video conferencing prevents shopping and sight-seeing.

But some Indonesia students of the PPI group were present and shocked a few snouts out of the trough!

The forum was interrupted when two members of the PPI stood and addressed the assembled dignitaries.

“I’ve seen that some of you [brought] along your family members, although you claim this to be a working visit. Hopefully you [didn’t] use a single cent of the state money [to finance the family members’ trip],” an unidentified PPI member said in Indonesian to the lawmakers.

“We saw you coming here in a pack like some country bumpkins coming to Jakarta; excited and all… Hope you won’t get the embassy staffers worked up when it’s not even part of their job to serve you and your families,” he added.

A different PPI member urged the lawmakers to publish the cost of the trip on the House’s Web site. The students estimated the cost of the trip totaled Rp 3.1 billion ($337,900) in state funds. Jakarta Globe today

The young students far from home show admirable concern for their poor fellow-countrymen by questioning the cost of the outing. These kids offer hope for a better Indonesia.

But really, they are unfair to ‘country bumpkins,’ orang2 kampung as they say here.,

Poor villagers who come to Jakarta, and get excited at the wonders they see, are usually here at their own expense, not the state’s and they stay with relatives or friends, not at the fanciest hotels on the tax-payers’ tab!

Hence my headline – don’t be hard on the ‘bumpkins!’