Can Greece Be Freed from Crimmigrants AND EUSSR Commissars?

Sunday sees elections not only in France, where Sarkozy’s foolish reluctance to make some sort of pact with the patriot party, Front Nationale, has probably cost him any chance of victory, but also in Greece, which goes to the polls for the first time since the EUSSR Commissars bullied their economically prostrate ‘partner’ nation into servitude.



With its so-called partners having seized power and its ancestral enemy, Turkey, facilitating the unarmed invasion of its borders by parasitic illegals, poor Greece nowadays looks more like the Bowels of Hell than the Cradle of Democracy.

The Greel political establishment having promised a referendum on protectorate status, then bottled out when Brussels went wild at the prospect of democratic consultation, here’s a chance for ordinary Hellenes to tell them to restore their right to self-determination!

And to personal safety!

Judging from what one reads, most Greeks now clearly understand that ‘asylum-seekers’ are not just illegal but undesirable, and that the rising crime-rate is down to those unwelcome ‘guests.’ 

Citizens’ Protection Minister Michalis Chrysochoidis said the centre  – situated in Amygdaleza, northwest of Athens – will help the country to deal with immigration. Athens expects to build another 50 similar centres between now and mid-2013.  Protestors stood outside the camp holding banners reading “no to the degradation of our region….”

…A poll conducted by To Vima newspaper on 9 April found around 90 percent surveyed believe immigrants are responsible for the rise in violence and crime. EUObserver


Instead of building more and more detention centres (and not using them properly- seems the detained aliens are to be allowed out by day!) the Greeks need to think for themselves rather than pander to the likes of the multicultist Malmstrom and her fellow-commissars in Brussels.

I suspect more and more the hoi polloi have grasped that the two issues are linked, attempts to block the illegal influx from the East gaining little or no support from the EUSSR precisely BECAUSE Malmstrom and her comrades ARE multicultists! They can see no reason why the land that gave us Demosthenes and Leonidas and Homer should not be submerged.



Greece has not yet been deprived of her armed forces and should use the army to close down the border and the navy to deliver those uninvited ‘guests’ back on the Turkish shore. Ankara has openly boasted that it refuses to cooperate on the issue in order to push Europe into making it easier for Turk migrants to swell the existing Turkish percentage of Western Europe’s population, so they can have no grounds for complaint.


And if Erdogan doesn’t like it, he can stuff it.

Cameron, an exemplar of what’s wrong with the West with his spineless kow-towing to  Eurocratic ‘judges’ on the Qataba issue, may enjoy cuddling up to those Islamists, but Greeks have a history of altogether too close acquaintance of what that brand of cultural imperialism means for its victims.  

And since we’re talking about the dictatorial aspect of the EUSSR (is there any other aspect worth discussing?) here’s another chance to see that great video.