Ontario – Jackboot Kicks In For Brain-Wash Bill

Premier Dalton McGuinty
The abominable McGuinty regime in Ontario has abandoned even a pretence of a considered approach to its so-called ‘anti-bullying’ bill 13, invoking a rarely used rule  to jack-boot its pro-pervert law through the Province’s parliament.
The Liberal leader of the House John Milloy has declared he’s imposing a ‘time allocation order’ which means that proper debate will be drastically curtailed,  a mere 40 minutes from each party before the bill is rushed into the committee stage.
Given Ontario’s parlous economic condidtion, it is baffling why so much priority they attach to legislation which will not just offer a deviant in-put to schools but make it mandatory for every teacher to foist on defenceless children the warped notion that perversion is just as respectable a way of life as normality.

Even the socialist NDP has lambasted McGuinty for his authoritarian tactics. This is anti-democratic at its core. We never support time allocation,” New Democrat MPP Cheri DiNovo.
The NDP has been working with the Progressive Conservative Opposition on a viable alternative, known as Bill 14, which would deal with bullying but allegedly back away from the current bill’s obsession with abnormal indoctrination.
Meanwhile Conservative leader Tim Hudak seems to have screwed up grand style, originally supporting the bad bill and now belatedly on the sensible side. And the bill 14 sponsor, a Tory woman, has suddenly quit parliament to take a high salary job offered to her by…McGuinty! Whose colleagues are now suggesting that the resignation of the sponsor kills her bill.
Oh what a tangled web!
My personal feelings on this are not just hostility to the ‘gay’ agenda but something like shock that the fundamentally decent society I grew up in has somehow become a quagmire in which parents are seriously expected to teach kids to distinguish between right and wrong at home, then sit back and let teachers persuade those same children that wrong is right.
There can be no justification for this.
Thank God I am past the stage of worrying what might be imposed on my own off-spring, but my heart goes out to parents with beliefs which will be warred down by adherents of a perverted ideology.