A Cameroon Christmas – Roasted, Plucked and Stuffed?

Sky News Sunday reported that Christmas is coming, with a possible gift to the British people of immense value.

Conservative Nadine Dorries went as far as to warn the leadership it could be ousted by Christmas.


Nadine Dorries MP


“According to the rules of the backbench 1922 Committee, in order for David Cameron’s position as leader to be challenged, the chairman of the committee needs to receive 46 signatures from Conservative MPs to signal a vote of no confidence,” she told The Mail on Sunday.

“I would guess that those signatures are already coming in and will reach 46 by Christmas.”


Distrusted Even Within the Fairy Circle!


….speculation was mounting that Mr Cameron will cave into pressure to row back on gay marriage proposals and a shake-up of the House of Lords following pressure from a string of Tory right-wingers, who have demanded he drop the “barmy” plans.

Nadine sounds like a sensible gal, but if DC were to go, there is even talk of bringing in Boris! It’s a measure of the dearth of conservative ideology in the Conservative Party at present.

But even if he does ‘row back,’ should he be reprieved?

He’s shown what he truly believes (if he believes in anything) and cannot be trusted not to pursue his nauseating liberal agenda when the opportunity arises.

It is in fact widely believed that he was not at all disappointed when he didn’t get an overall majority and had to enter the coalition with the LibDems. He figured he could use them as leverage against the real conservatives on his own back-benches, to whom he had misrepresented himself as a Eurosceptic and traditionalist in order to win the leadership.

Now they can all see for themselves what a lying weasel they’ve got in Number Ten.

But whatever, I can foresee many Brits in a rousing chorus of ‘I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day!’