IslamoNazis Enlist Cops to Break Up Jakarta Talk by “Unauthorised” Canadian Author

Well, here we are, with various pinko readers no doubt wondering which way I’m going to jump, but it’s a no-brainer actually!

Yesterday a mob of IslamoNazi thugs prevailed on the forces of law and order to shut down and disperse a small discussion group in Pasar Minggu , South Jakarts.


Irshad Manji


According to the Jakarta Globe, the ‘Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) urged the government to deport visiting liberal Canadian Muslim activist Irshad Manji, saying she is trying to promote homosexuality among Indonesian Muslims. “Irshad Manji is a gay and lesbian activist. She wants to make Islam open to gays and lesbians. Islam would never accept gays and lesbians,” Habib Novel, the secretary of the Jakarta branch of the FPI, said on Saturday.

Manji was in Jakarta to attend the launch of her new book “Allah, Liberty and Love” at the Salihara cultural center in Pasar Minggu, South Jakarta, on Friday evening.

It’s quite true that most Islamic, and most Christian, Sikh and other theologies, do not accept homosexuality. Quite rightly, in my view.

But I have taken the trouble to check out this gal.

She is indeed a lesbian.

But she is not one of the nasty sort that seeks to impose on everybody else.

Irshad Manji: I’m openly gay, that’s true, but not arrogant gay. I even accept the possibility that my creator reject my homosexuality as a sin, but only he can make that judgment. Meanwhile, those Muslims who challenge me, has to read the stipulations in which they believe themselves. The Koran says that everything God created is ‘excellent…

Okay, she goes in for the usual searching for justification, but she has none of the obnoxious arrogance we see and hear from the ‘perv power’ sorts elevated to influence by Obama in America and Cameron in the UK. 

I can’t quite see how she reaches the conclusion that everything created – corruption, crime, even, dare I say it ‘homophobia,’ etc – must be ‘excellent, but…even defenders of such are entitled to have their say, or their day in court!



She was delivering her speech, about her book,  “God, Liberty and Love,” at Veranda Salihara, to a group of adults who had voluntarily gathered at the venue in Pasar Minggu to hear her. Nor was there any indication she was about to spout pro-perv propaganda. The organiser said she was not going to do so. She certainly wasn’t preaching to school-kids.



She had only spoken for about 15 minutes when police interrupted her, announcing that the event should be called off because hundreds of members and supporters of the FPI had gathered at the center and demanded an end to the event. Manji was escorted out of Salihara under heavy police guard.

But that is no reason to break up a meeting! How come the IslamoNazi scumbags were present? Oya, some Islamist named Habib….

BTW! It’s not Habib Rizieq, nor Habib Selon, but a hitherto unheard of – at least by us – Habib Novel!


  A Novel Phenonenon in Jakarta Mayhem


Habib said Salihara had not sought a permit from Pasar Minggu Police before the event. “The local neighborhood and community units were not informed, so they were shocked when the discussion took place. That upset the Pasar Minggu] police chief and that’s why they dispersed the forum,” he said.

And Habib Novel is acquainted with the local community?  In contact with the Police Chief?

Hard luck on them, if that’s the case. 



Much more to the point – does the FPI seek police permssion to carry out their thuggery, their vicious sectarian assaults on food-stalls, for example, their unprovoked onslaughts on Ahmadi premises?


Victim of FPI Thugs. Monas Riot, 2008


I have no time for ‘trendy lefty progressives,’ as Manji seems to be, but they are entitled to speak their minds, which the FPI are also entitled to do…

…though in their case there is precious little mind to speak!